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I've Got Jeans that Jingle, Jangle, Jingle

Today I thought I'd share a humorous story with you about my little Zekie.  He's constantly saying or doing things that make you want to bust a gut and roll on the floor.  Here's the story of how he turns normal daily events into memorable morsels of fun: A few days ago, we n…

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Raising Up Godly Men

  Titus, Joey, Joe, and Josh Earn the Top Discovery Rangers Award- Gold Eagle   Last night, I had the privilege of attending a Royal Rangers promotions/honors service for the boys at our church.  I am guessing that there were about 35 honorees!  I…

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Clothes Sorting Day

Twice a year, we hold an event called "Clothes Sorting Day" (sometimes it lasts more than just one day).  That's when we go through every article of clothing the children own (and sometimes mine and Dad's).  With 7 people in this house, you can imagine how long that might take.  We carefully discard…

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Extreme Team

"EXTREME" LARRY, THE BAR BENDING WONDER On Wednesday evening, we had a special event at our church... The Extreme Team!    If you've ever seen the Power Team, that's what they are like.  They travel around the world bringing their extreme feats to delighted crowds... f…

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Are You a Chameleon?

Up Close Bird at the KC Zoo- Photo by Jennifer Weiss A room full of strangers has never been an intimidating thing for me.  I don't consider myself an extrovert, but I do enjoy people and getting to know them and their "story".  As someone once said, "Everyone has a story!" …

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Writing in the Sky

Don't You Enjoy a Good Breakfast?

"He hath filled the hungry with good things."   Luke 1:53a KJV With the cooler weather, we seem to enjoy different breakfasts than we did during the summer.   Our mornings of lighter cereals, fruit, or toast have been replaced with heavier, more "stick to your ribs" &nbs…

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Not for the Squeamish!

Yesterday, our church held its annual Pie Auction.  It's a fun way to raise money and everyone seems to love the event.  We have an auctioneer (Sean) who will comically call out for bids on the pies.  They are paraded around the room by an assistant (JC) until we have a winner.  Some of these pies h…

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The Fire Tree

  I'm posting Saturday's entry on Friday night!  I called my neighbor and obtained permission to take some photos of the "fire tree", which is what I affectionately call this wonderful maple.   It really is something else!  When you're right next to it, it's ev…

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Friday's Updates

TAG BANNED??? What's the Deal?

Hellos and Goodbyes

The cold winter winds are blowing in and as predicted, the "fire tree" across the road is starting to turn.  This is a highly anticipated event around here.  Hello color! You can see it peeking through the trees.  Of course, this was a dreary day as the clouds wer…

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A Blessing in Bloom

6" PEACE TEA ROSE FROM MY GARDEN- Photo by Jennifer Weiss After days and days of rain and cold weather, I went outside this afternoon to see if any of my plants had survived.  Not only did they survive, but I found that some beautiful flowers had grown when I was not aware!  I f…

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After a weekend of having sick kids, I have say that I have had my fill of television! I don't watch a whole lot of TV - partly because of disinterest and partly because of having no idle time.  When you're sick in bed, especially for a kid, there's not much else you can do.&n…

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Germs, Germs, Go Away! Don't Come Back Another Day!

9 AM AND STILL IN BED???   We try to enforce sharing around here and make it a habit.  Unfortunately, I do not like it when germs are shared.   In this case, the current bug my kids have battled all week has hit me, too.   It was 8 when I woke up this m…

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Those Pesky Temptations

NO PEEKING! Why is it that when warned not to do something, people often do what they were told not to?  That goes for kids AND adults.  It reminds me of an TV episode I saw once where there was a sign by a hole in the fence warning passersby: "DO NOT LOOK".  So naturally, …

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Tis the Season for Congestion; Fa la la la la Ahem Kerchoo

  The season of infectious disease has hit the Big Weiss family early this year.  Both the oldest and the next to youngest have come down with some sort of respiratory/flu bug.  They have had fever, congestion, coughing, and aching.   Yesterday, the oldest was throwi…

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It's a Small World After All!

J.D. (In Black) Talking with an Unidentified Visitor at AGFSA Campus "There is a widespread hypothesis -- Six degrees of separation -- holding that any two people in the world are separated by a chain of no more than six acquaintances."  (Wikipedia) I am always amazed that…

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Arkansas Trip

I'm giving God praise and glory today for a successful weekend!  Wow, what a time.  I am still trying to soak in everything.  16 hours of driving was worth everything that the Lord accomplished during our trip.  The events were anointed, th…

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