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Happy New Year

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Winding Up 2007

Welcome back, friends!  Well, it's the Friday after Christmas and things are starting to settle down here a bit.  How are things at your house?  If you're like me, it's hard to stop the Christmas time activities once you are used to them.   We've eaten all of the Christma…

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Merry Christmas 2007

To you and yours, have a very blessed Christmas filled with family, faith, love, and peace.

A Foggy Friday Before Christmas

It started out foggy this morning here in Kansas City; perfect to match my brain this morning.  Do you ever have days like that where you feel as if your brain hasn't quite kicked the power on?  Well,  I guess vacation will do that to you when you're off the routine, sleeping in, and "living in the …

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Sweet 16 Weeks

Today my little baby turns 16 weeks old.  He is rolling over now from back to front (very easily) and grabbing things.  He holds onto small toys and has also become a chatter box.  Of course, I think he's cuter than ever!  You can't really tell I'm a proud Mommy can you????

In keeping with the th…

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Tidings of Comfort and Joy

Okay, I know that you all may get a little tired of me showing pictures of the baby, but I just can't help it!  This is so cute... it warms the heart!  Doesn't he look so snug, cozy, and comfortable?I started thinking this morning about the meaning of comfort and joy.  Let me …

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Get Abroad the Holiday Express

Well, we would have liked to get aboard the Holiday Express.  The family headed down to Union Station yesterday afternoon (between church services) to visit the train along with friend, Michelle, and her daughter.  We had no idea that the line would be so long.  We thought it …

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Pete's Early Christmas Present

We are praising the Lord today that Pete has finally been promoted to Sergeant.  For Pete, it's an early Christmas present and probably the best one our entire family will benefit from.  We've been praying for this for about a year now and God has once again proved faithful.  He was awarded his prom…

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All Bundled Up

Babies sure are cute when they are bundled up for cold weather!  I put shoes on Shad's feet for the first time this week since it's so chilly.  He's worn slipper-type shoes, but these were his first REAL ones.  I had a nice pair of tennis shoes that Levi and Zeke wore, but unfortunately Shad's feet …

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Why Do We Have Christmas?

Here's a little clip to help us remember....

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Shad Turns 15 Weeks

Shad at 15 weeks playing with his play gym.He's all wiggles and smiles!  We can't hardly get a picture of him that isn't blurry while he's awake! Countdown Clocks at

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The Weather Outside is Frightful

The freezing rain was really coming down by by the time I got up and the lights were flickering off and on.  Thankfully, the electric never went off and it looks like the temperatures stayed warm enough to avoid the really bad stuff.   It's still raining, but it's not accumulating any more ice.  …

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It's Beginning to LOOK a lot Like Christmas!

As most of you know, the ice has hit our part of the country with more expected tonight and tomorrow.  Our neighbors to the south have been hit hard and we are already under a winter weather advisory for tomorrow.  I am praying that our electricity won't go off.  Several years ago, we had a huge ice…

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Icy Saturday and Online Shopping

For the next 3-4 days, our area is expecting ice.  Good thing I got out and did our grocery shopping last night and gassed up the van!   Thankfully, we have practically all of the Christmas shopping done, with some minor things to get.  Everything we've purchased has been wrapped and is ready to go.…

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Fun Christmas Sites

These are some of my favorites!  There were so many, I decided to simply share the list.  To visit these fun sites, copy and paste the addresses to your browser!Want to throw some snowballs? to become an elf?  ht…

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Hello Snow!

Today, Zeke's prayers were answered as we have the first "big snow" of the season.  Following our public school counterparts, we closed down school early at 3pm here at the Weiss house (yes, that's early for us) in order for the kids to go romp around in the wintry white wonderland.It w…

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Celebrating a First Christmas

Celebrating Christmas with a new baby in the house is wonderful!  It fills the heart with warm memories and brings an extra element of anticipation.  It's fun to hang up baby's stocking, shop for gifts, enjoy holiday events and traditions, and simply watch him as he explores everything for the first…

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Celeste's Early Christmas Present

If you are a tweenager living in Kansas City, there was  only one place to be last night... the new Sprint Center at the Hannah Montana "Best of Both Worlds" Concert!   If you've heard anything about the concert at all, you know that as soon as the tickets went on sale, they were gone!  Scalpers had…

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Making a Prepackaged Gingerbread House

Celeste, Levi, and Zeke had a lot of fun helping with the gingerbread house this weekend!   After years of making my own gingerbread houses I didn't know if I would like using pre-made gingerbread house pieces, but it worked out just fine.  It was a little smaller than I expected, but just right for…

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Counting the Days 'Till Christmas

The Christmas Season is in full swing as we turn our calendars today from November to December! 

So what do you  do to count down to Christmas?

 My oldest boys are looking forward to starting their Lego Advent Calendars (where they open up a little Lego set each day until Christmas).   It's just on…

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