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Titus' Blog

Last night Celeste, Moses ,and I went to Harvesters to earn two Christian service hours by bagging pasta. We put two pounds of pasta from a 800 pound box in every bag. We did the whole box of pasta and some of a second box. I felt like this when we was done   but I would do it again. After that, Pas…

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Celeste's Blog

Hi! Celeste here. I'm taking over today since my mom hurt her left hand. She hurt it while trying to move her Gazelle on Monday night. All the girls in my Stars class were asking about it. They were all surprised to find out that she's having another baby. They all found out last night. I'm so excit…

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My Wrists

You know, I think God allows things in our lives to slow us down a little bit from time to time and Monday was no exception for me.  After working out on my elliptical machine (Mon. evening), I was attempting to move it back to the side of the living room where we keep it and caught both of my wrist…

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Another Day at Home Sweet Home

I am a person who loves to travel (except during the hot summer when pregnant).  My husband and I have often talked about taking the kids more places when they are a "bit older"; well, they seem to be a bit older now.  The benefit of taking the kids now is that most of them are old…

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Evidences of Spring

I don't know how it is where you live, but here in Missouri, spring is always a welcomed sight- especially for the children!   Mr. Owl has said goodbye along with the warm weather (he lives in a hole in the side of our tree) and other critters are emerging and running around the yard (usually chasin…

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"Ultrasound Bill"

On Wednesday, the "Ultrasound Bill" was passed overwhelmingly with a 91-23 vote in the South Carolina State House.  This bill requires every woman seeking abortion to have an ultrasound and subsequently review the ultrasound images with her physician before an abortion would be performed.   Personal…

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Big Families

If you have a big family, you have probably heard the silly remarks that people can make.  "Do you know what causes that?"  or "There must be something in the water where you live".  My favorites are "Are you the mother or the sister?"  or "Do you run a daycare?"  or "You must be Mormon!".    …

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JBQ Update and Continuation of Yesterday's Conversation

Daniel and Moses at KC Sectionals

Our journey to the mecca of A/G (Springfield, MO)for quizzing proved to be an interesting experience this weekend.  My B Master's team, who took first place here in KC and were undefeated all year long ended up placing last in our division at Districts.  Can anyone s…

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Early Pregnancy

Not all my posts over the next few months will be about pregnancy, but today I had some thoughts on my heart concerning pregnancy.  For those of you not currently pregnant but have been, bear with us today.  You may have some comments or thoughts you would like to post after reading today's entry!

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Rewind, Pause, and Fast Forward

I don't watch a whole lot of TV, and when we do, we usually record something to watch later.  I have found this one of the best ways to view a show because what would normally takes an hour takes a little over half an hour to view... minus the commercials.  Plus, if there is something that doesn't r…

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The BIG Announcement

The Big Weiss Family is excited to announce an upcoming addition to the family!This ultrasound photograph was taken at 6 weeks (in January).  Baby is in the center of the screen between the two "plus' signs.  We are all doing well as we approach 4 months!  Be sure to look for …

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Never Too Late to Celebrate

I got behind on honoring some special days since my computer was down.  It's never too late to congratulate someone on a special occasion.  There are 4 in particular that I would like to mention.

March 2nd was my parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary.  We are planning to go to my sister's house in Indi…

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Whose Side Are You On?

A friend was involved in an altercation with a fellow sister-in-Christ recently.  This situation had been brewing for some time and I have spent much time in intercessory prayer over the situation.   Because I have  dealt with similar things, I felt led to discuss the topic of "Whose Side Are You On…

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MARCH: In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb?

What a tranquil, beautiful, spring-like day today!  What a difference a week makes; it was only last week that we were experiencing terrible storms over most of the country. 

If the old adage is true, March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, or vice versa.  From the looks of things, March 2…

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That's A Close Shave!

My Dad sent me a forward yesterday about the old Burma Shave advertisements, which prompted me to share a real-life story from the Big Weiss family! 

On Saturday evening, my youngest son went to the bathroom... or so I thought.  He is able to "take care of business" on his own, so I really didn't t…

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Where in the World Have I Been????

Have you been wondering where I have been???  Well, let's get to the nitty gritty... Last Wednesday, after posting my journal entry, Kansas City was hit hard with a series of severe storms.  I shut down my computer to keep it safe from storm surge, etc.  but alas, it never wo…

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