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Day 3 of Babymoon

RECAP OF DAY 2:  Yesterday proved to be a full day!  It started with my appointment with the diabetic nurse that turned into a second appointment with the dietitian (that was previously scheduled for today).  The dietitian had a cancellation so I was able to do the appointments back to back.  I didn…

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Day 2 of Babymoon!

What do we have planned for day 2 of our Babymoon?  You'll have to tune in later to find out because I'm not even sure what we are doing.  I know the day will start off with a diabetes consult at the hospital (a one hour ordeal mind you) later this morning.   I can't even…

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Celeste to be Crowned Honor Star

My flashing headline of the day is that my daughter passed her final exam this weekend and has now met all the requirements to be crowned an Honor Star.  If you are not familiar with that program, it is part of the M-Pact Girls Clubs (formerly known as Missionettes) at our church.  She has been an H…

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It's the Perfect Day!

7/7/07I think we've hit one of the most popular days in our lifetime...7/7/07!   All of us are probably aware that "7" is God's number of perfection.  Numbers are very significant to God because everything He does is perfect and systematic.   What tickles me, however…

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An Evening of Laughs

Here's an ode to one of my children who made me laugh out loud while I was making dinner!What's that bumping?What's that sound?In the dryer,Going round and round.Who's the culprit?I bet you can guess.Little blond boy With face a mess.What's the reason?Who really knows,Why he stuffed my dryer…

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Learning New Tricks

Hurray!  Yesterday I learned how to use my diabetic meter!  It wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be.  As with everything, when you first learn something new, it can seem a bit overwhelming...but I've learned to step back and just take things in stride.   I took my 5th reading this morning …

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July 4th Celebrations

I'm a bit cranky this morning to start off my holiday.  Apparently, here in my neighborhood, someone thought that midnight was the perfect time to start setting off fireworks!  Gimme a break.  The noise scared me half to death (and that's not good for a pregnant lady).   …

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Gestational Diabetes

After several hours on the phone yesterday, I was able to schedule all my appointments with the dietitian and nurse at the hospital as well as order my meter with testing supplies.  I had to deal with my doctor's office, health insurance provider, medical pharmacy, the hospital, and various appointm…

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Rewinding the Hands of Time

I remember a day when there were no such things as cell phones (or at least not cells that the general population used), widespread computers, online banking, surfing the web....  I could go on and on.  Maybe that's why I have a hard time grasping a news story I heard over the weekend.  Apparently t…

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