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The Woman in the Shoe

I'm not sure why I woke up with this floating around in my mind this morning, but I thought that you would get a kick out of it.  Last year, I was "doctoring up" funny pictures to send to my friends and came up with this one... and it was actually before I found out that I was expecting Shadrach!

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A Walk Down Memory Lane

I looked at the calendar this morning and realized that August has just flown by!  Normally, when I get to my last month of pregnancy, I feel like it will never end!  This pregnancy has not felt this way.  Coming out of a super busy weekend, I took yesterday to pretty much relax and get a few small …

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A Star Filled Night to Remember


I am thanking the Lord this morning for His grace and for allowing us to have a beautiful weekend!  Everything was so wonderful!   I would like to thank everyone who helped with the ceremony for Celeste.  If you've never had a crowning, you may not realize what kind…

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A Fly-by "HI"

We're up at 5am already getting a jump start on our busy day.  Luckily, outside of our daily plans, there isn't any breaking news to report - or breaking water either!  

If I get a chance later today to post some more I will, but for now I have to run.    Celeste is the first to leave this morning …

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Final Doctor Visit

I am anticipating today to be my last regular doctor visit before "D-Day"  (delivery day)!   I am excited.  Today should end up being pretty low key.  Last night, I worked with the kids on their school work so that we could have a half day today rather than a full day tod…

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Christians, IVF, and IVF Multiples...what's YOUR view? HOT TOPIC!

Here's a hot topic for today that my friends and I talk about!

About the time I got pregnant nine months ago, I became fascinated with baby shows on channels such as "Discovery" or "The Learning Channel".   They show everything from dealing with motherhood- to births- to families with multiples-or co…

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Getting Closer and Closer


For those of you checking my blog every day... let me just say that in the next few days until I deliver, I may not be on every day!   Yesterday was just so busy,  I didn't even get a chance to get to my computer.  There seems to be so much to get done until delivery and u…

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Standing in the Need of Prayer

Remember that song that says, "It's me, it's me, oh, Lord, standing in the need of prayer"?   Well, that's me!   I've been up since around 4am and frankly, I am miserable at the moment!   Contractions?  No.  It's my left ear.  For several months following a cold, I have had a slight sensation of "fu…

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Is This Really the World We Live In???

In the evenings, when I work on my Gazelle, I often have time to watch some news and pray.  Those two things go hand in hand because you can hardly watch the news (local or global) without finding something to pray about.  This week... the miners, the hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, the bridge c…

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Getting Closer!

I just got back from my weekly doctor visit!  Everything is right on track for delivery.  I am getting excited... the end is near!    I didn't gain anything this week, which really surprised me.  I have been swollen and I thought for sure that the water retention would be reflected in my weight... i…

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More Beautiful Flowers

OK- I know I post a lot of flowers, but I cut some more roses out of my garden yesterday and I thought they were worth sharing.   I haven't been feeling the best today and their fragrant beauty seemed to perk me up a bit, so here they are....Have a beautiful day!

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2nd Week Report on Pete's Injury & Other News

Injury News:

Yesterday, Pete had a follow-up appointment with the trauma doctor.  The wound is healing and looking better every day, though it is still oozing and seeping which requires him to change the dressing on it several times a day.   The "hole" is closing up and looking smaller and the bruisi…

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Have you ever seen the "Little House on the Prairie" episode where Laura befriends a new girl at school who has one leg shorter than the other?  The family (of foreign decent) moves to Walnut Grove to find a new life and new beginning, hoping that the daughter will not fall under ridicule as she had…

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Now I'm Party-Pooped

After the weekend and the boy's birthday party (which only lasted for 2 hours mind you) I can say that I am party-pooped!   I thought the house full of girls was loud and crazy... but the boys sure held their own.   As soon as they arrived, we had six large pizzas waiting.  Within about 10 minutes, …

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Another Anniversary Today!

EXPECTANT PRAYERS IS ONE YEAR OLD TODAY!Today marks one year since "Expectant Prayers for Expectant Mothers" came out,  published on August 11, 2006!    I can hardly believe it's been an entire year already!    My hope and prayer is that the book will continue to ble…

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Sixteen Years... and LOVE Still Abounds!

    HAPPY 16TH ANNIVERSARY...PETE AND JENNI!!                                 Engagement in January of 1990  &nb…

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Zeke's Birthday Pictures

First I would like to apologize for not writing yesterday!  I know that when I am away from the computer that you all may think I've had the baby or something is wrong with Pete.  No, we are all fine here.  I was just so busy that I didn't have time to get down here and write.     With all the docto…

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Doctor's Report

We just got home from seeing the doctor.  In my opinion, the evaluation was acceptable at this point (although Pete tried all he could to convince the doctor to let him go back to work).  There is no such thing as light duty at the Police Station and signing off for Pete to go back to work... well, …

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Doctor's Appointment

We are leaving for the doctor in just a short while.  I will get on this afternoon and post an update as soon as I can.    You can check back later to see what we found out!  See you then!

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A Week of Healing

Pete still continues to improve each day, though I am a little concerned about his memory.  I wonder if  he may have received a concussion during the altercation... or perhaps it's basic post traumatic stress.   I have noticed that he repeats himself very frequently.  In fact, on Saturday, he relaye…

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