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Merry Christmas From the Weiss Family

Holiday blessings!  We will return to our daily blog on January 5th!

Wash Dem Taters!

We've been so busy lately, but I had to stop and share this with you today.  It'll make you laugh.

We had a family dinner last night for about 35-40 people to celebrate the holiday.  It was held at a local church's fellowship hall in Overland Park.  It was so much fun.  The church also had a gymnasi…

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Give What You Can

In light of this Christmas season, I am reflecting on the children across the world - and guess what... it starts in our own backyard.  We get so wrapped up in our own hopes and dreams for the holidays that we many times fail to do to others.  What are we doing to help guide and nurture the generati…

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Favorite Photos from Our Annual Squaw Creek Visit

Juvenile Bald Eagle

We had to take these through our binoculars to get a good shot!

We saw about 15 bald eagles!

Snow Geese galore!  The numbers from the ranger station said there
were anywhere from 250,000 - 400,000 snow geese currently on the
reservation!  When they take flight, the squawking is dea…

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Excuse ME! Hilarious but True Story

I'm sure you've seen the emails that talk about what older people do in Wal Mart for fun - specifically older men who are bored while their wives shop.  I remember as a kid, we would go to the mall and occasionally my Dad (who liked to sit down and watch the people) would come up with the funniest o…

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