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Quick Note - 7:50 EST

I am anxious to hear how Mom did last night and to see if she was moved into a private room or not!  Sharon said that the visiting hours started at 8am, so hopefully we will be hearing from them soon.

Evidently, Sharon took a picture of Mom yesterday before they moved her out of the ICU.  She though…

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More Positive News - 4:10 EST

They just got Mom moved into a semi-private room and they are planning on getting her into a private room as soon as one opens up.  There will be one available around midnight (possibly earlier).      I was able to talk to Mom for a few minutes because Sharon was talking to the nurse and someone abo…

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A Very Positive Update- Noon EST

I just heard from Tim and he said that they are planning on moving Mom into her own room sometime today.  I will talk to Sharon later after they have her moved and settled.  That is good news because Mom needs rest in order to recover and she will get better rest out of the ICU.  After a brush with …

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Waiting for Word... 7:40 CST

I got an e-mail from Sharon earlier this morning and she said some of the doctors would start coming in around 7:15am (EST).   We are awaiting word on several things, the possibility of surgery being forefront in our minds.We're still praising God today!    Here's another…

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Update - 6:45 EST

Mom had a scary time this morning when her blood pressure dropped dangerously low again.  Sharon saw it at 48/30 when she looked.  They had her up to use the potty chair when she started to pass out.  They had to pick her up and put her back into bed.  The nurse began to ask her questions, but Mom d…

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Brief Update - Sunday 1:30pm

I called Sharon as soon I was home from church and she said Mom was having a rough morning.  Her blood pressure bottomed out again 50/30 and that she was having "chest pains".    Sharon couldn't talk long because she was actually in the room with Mom and the doctors were expected in any minute.  …

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Messages Sent

I wanted to let all of you know that if you have sent a message - Sharon and Dad are going to be taking those messages to Mom this morning.    I know they are going to really encourage Mom.   Even Dad and Sharon seemed to be uplifted just by reading them last night!

Thank you all!    I will keep f…

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Please Request Prayer for Mom

If you attend a church that takes prayer requests or has a time where you can go up to the altar and pray on Sundays, please help us lift Mom before the throne.  Go "stand in" for her during prayer time or ask special prayer for her.  This is a very crucial time for her!  Ask for prayer for "Pat in …

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One Step Forward - Two Steps Back - Update 5:15 EST

I just talked to Sharon for about a half hour.   She is saying that this has been a rough day for everyone so far.   Dad is practically beside himself because he feels like at any minute, he's gonna get "hit" with bad news again.  

Here's some of the facts/observations we know now:

-Mom got anothe…

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Transfusion - 2:15 CST

I just posted a little while ago, but Tim just called and said that they are giving Mom her 12th unit of blood (transfusion) as we speak.   The nurse said that the human body only hold 5-6 units of blood at a time, so it would appear that Mom has lost all her blood several times over!  What they mea…

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2:45 PM - EST

I just had a brief call from Tim and he relayed what he got from Sharon.  Here's what we know, which isn't much...

- she's is doing about the same, stabilized

- she is "weaker" today than she was yesterday

- her blood pressure is very low  90/57 (or around that)

- still blood found in stool  - appears…

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Brief Update 1pm EST

"Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk."  Acts 3:6I called Tim and Tim called Sharon... they were just now eating lunch so I will make my call to her in about an hour.  In the brief min…

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Mom-Saturday NOON- EST

I just got off the phone with Aunt Becky who told me that Mom had bright red in the stool last night.  We had heard word from the doctors that any more blood meant immediate surgery, so I am anxious to hear from Sharon this morning.I am told by Aunt Phyllis and Aunt Becky that Mom's col…

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Update on Mom- 8:30AM CST

No news is good news!  I talked to my brother-in-law last night instead of calling Sharon.  She and Dad are so exhausted and I figured that she needed to talk to her husband more than me last night. 

What we knew last night:

-her blood level was up

-they keep finding some blood in the stool, but co…

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Afternoon Update- 2pm EST

I finally had a chance to talk to Sharon!   Here's what we know at this hour:- Mom is sitting up in a chair outside of her bed- She is eating a liquid diet- They removed her catheter and an A-line tube.  Now she has 3 ports in the left arm and one on the right- She is very weak-Con…

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Late Morning Update - 11:30 EST

Well, this post should be called "What We Don't Know" because I don't know a whole lot except that Sharon and Dad are up at the hospital.  I talked to my Aunt Phyllis and to my bro-in-law and they both confirmed that there was a problem with Mom's care last night.  Apparently she needed some help ge…

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While We Wait....

I just love the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir  - maybe because I imagine it's close to what we will all sound like when we all sing praises before the throne.   Let it soak into your soul today!  It's a powerful reminder (and very anointed) of where our help comes from!

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Friday Morning - Waiting & Verses to Stand On!

I have not heard anything from Sharon yet this morning and nothing is on her blog.  I know how very tired they were yesterday and I am glad we declared a "sabbath" for them.  I know it was was good.

Many of you may have heard that out here in Missouri - we had very severe weather …

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Afternoon Update - 5pm EST

Sorry it has taken so long to update this afternoon.  Apparently the doctor had a meeting following Mom's procedure and we didn't know anything until a little while ago.  It's relayed to them... relayed to me... it can be quite lengthy.

Here's what we know:

- Procedure went fine - detected a Hiatal …

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Morning Update on Mom - 11 EST - "Sabbath"

It has been confirmed from Sharon this morning that there still hasn't been any bleeding! 

Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord!  His love endures forever and is faithful to all generations!

Mom is sitting up, looking a little better today (according to Sharon and Dad), but was not all…

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