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Jennifer Jo Weiss

40 Inches and Growing!

As my pregnancy is entering the final weeks, I am trying to do some things that I haven't really been diligent about before.  As true with all my pregnancies... time flies until the last few weeks.  Things seem to be going really S-L-O-W right now.
One of the things I plan to do to pass the time is make a belly mold (which I will attempt next week with the help of my hubby).  I found a great kit available at Burlington Coat Factory!  I found it online at    Check it out if you are interested.  I think it makes such a wonderful keepsake of pregnancy and I will hang mine on the wall proudly- after I decorate it.

What else am I doing?  I have been more apt to write down my weight in my journal and other things that I think I'll want to remember later or at least be able to share with my children when they are old enough to bear children (if the Lord tarries).  Especially pictures!   BTW- I will say that I am around 160!  Whew!  By the time I finish, I'll be in the high 160's more than likely if I don't keep losing weight.  Over the past few weeks, I have grown in belly size, but my weight has dropped 2-3 pounds.  That's probably due to my diet and stringent exercise to keep the diabetes controlled.   That's not recommended, BTW!  You're supposed to gain at least a half a pound a week at this point, but my weight is understandable due to the circumstances.

As Celeste and I watched an episode of Runway Moms a few weeks ago, I decided that at some point I would measure my tummy (that's what one of the models was doing for a photo).  That model had a really pretty belly and hers measured 41"!  So, I measured mine.  LOL    It was 40" at my biggest point.   Of course, that's 40" and growing.  I'm sure the model's belly grew a little more too before delivery.

The kids are fascinated with my belly right now, especially because there isn't much room in there for baby anymore; when he moves you can really see his bulges!  Celeste thinks it's funny when I become lopsided.  The first time she felt him shift from one side of my tummy to the other was on Monday when we were out sunning after swimming.  I saw her eyes get real wide and she said "Oh, that's weird!"

The kids also like to play "Guess the Body Part"; trying to identify what they are feeling in my belly.  We are sure that he likes to stick his little bum up in the air (he's head down)...which all the kids find hilarious (the fact that they are touching the baby's bottom).

So, as time moves on... I am anxiously awaiting meeting the newest member of the Big Weiss Family and seeing that little face, those little hands, those little toes....oh, it's exciting.

One more thing I would like to mention today are two more items that I think every pregnant mom needs:

1.) a good body pillow

2.) a pregnancy belt

I have used a body pillow in all 8 pregnancies now and I have to say it is luxurious!  Bed, Bath, and Beyond is a good place to get one.  I saw in a sale catalog this week that they had them for under $20.  It gives you support all the way down your body, especially important for the belly and your legs.  Sleep is something that can be difficult as your pregnancy progresses and I think the body pillow is an excellent way to help assure a great night's rest.

Secondly, a good pregnancy belt can really alleviate back pain and muscle strain, especially in those last few months.  First time moms may not feel so "stretched out", but moms who have delivered before usually have more aches, pains, and strains.  Most belts (like mine from Medela) simply stretch across your abdomen and attach in the back with Velcro.  You can buy them from a variety of suppliers such as Babies R Us or other retailers.  Mine is pretty sturdy, but I have seen many different kinds of belt supports.  Some are light weight, white, and have that sort of "sport's injury" band feel to them.  Still comfy, just a different type. 
I have the pregnancy belt (which I sometimes use during exercise or simply if my back is achy) AND the postpartum belt.  If you're having a C-Section you may may want to consider one.  The belt is very important for me following a C-Section because honestly, it keeps everything feeling like it's tucked in.  When you get up from surgery for the first time, it feels like all your insides are going to come out!    Oddly enough, when talking to my sister about the belts, she said that the hospital supplied a support for her following her hysterectomy that went from chest to pelvis.   She loved that thing.  I wish all hospitals would consider supplying supports to all the C-Section patients as well.  Wouldn't that be nice????

Well, thanks for stopping by today, friend.  I hope you have a blessed day in the Lord!

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