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Jennifer Jo Weiss

A Stew of News

First of all today, I would like to thank my children who helped me with the site last week while my hand and wrist were recovering!  Thank-you, thank-you! I am doing much better for those of you who may be wondering. 

So much seems to have transpired since my last entry.  Major things happen daily around our house, so it seems like we can get a little behind in a short amount of time.  I won't attempt to backpedal much, but rather just pick up almost where we left off.

Palm Sunday ushered in the month of April this year (and of course April Fool's Day).  My sons have carried a long time tradition of wearing shirts with palm trees on them to celebrate Palm Sunday.  This started several years ago and has seemed to have stuck.  Most people get a kick out of seeing them with their palm shirts, but to us, it's a day to be celebrated along with Easter. 

On the topic of April Fool's Day, our Pastor started out Sunday's sermon with two of the biggest April Fool's jokes ever recorded; 1.) Taco Bell buying the Liberty Bell and 2.) the left handed Whopper.   They were both hysterically funny.
I didn't play any tricks this year... nor were any played on me.  I should have told people that I was having multiples or something like that!  Wouldn't that have been a riot?  Everyone is so curious to what we are having.  That would have been good.  

My favorite prank I ever pulled was on the Pastor at the church where we first youth pastored nearly 15 years ago.  I was in charge of music and put together an entirely "new vision" for our music program... it was really scary, but hilarious.  I presented my new ideas and music in a well put together folder, which I insisted that he flip through.  As I explained my goals, I also demonstrated new styles of dance that I wanted to incorporate into worship.   As he flipped through the pages, his eyes became bigger and bigger.  The last page read "April Fool's!".  I'd never heard him laugh so hard.   Mainly out of relief I guess.

My kids would tell you that their favorite prank pulled by yours truly is what we refer to as "rats in the attic".  That WAS a good one... complete with props!  Hee hee!   

Today is Passover and of course, Friday is Good Friday.  That would make this Sunday Easter.  These are probably things you realize, but I would like to insert that they seem to be so early this year.  I managed to get most of our matching Easter Sunday outfits together (provided mine arrives in the mail and that I can find a top for my husband).   Something different this Easter is that I won't be doing any singing, etc. for service.  I decided since I was on vacation from school, pregnant, and busy with other matters around the house, it would be good just to enjoy/observe this year.  Besides, I am so short of breath lately that singing is quite an effort!

Yesterday we spent most of the day working in the yard.  We uprooted the few dandelions that popped up in the yard, mowed, trimmed, put down some weed killer, etc.   I kept the kids busy and my oldest son mowed the yard!  He's almost 12 and able to handle the mower quite nicely - especially since it's self-propelled.  I had strict orders from several people to NOT mow this year due to being pregnant (which didn't seem to stop me before) but I am trying to comply.

To finish off my stew of news today, I would like to add one more ingredient... A HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISH TO MY NIECE AND NEPHEW IN INDIANA!   They both celebrate birthdays this week... and BTW, the cards are in the mail!


Whew, it's good to be typing again!   Have a great day, friend!


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