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Jennifer Jo Weiss

A Week Old Today

It's hard to believe that a week has passed since Shad was born! It doesn't feel like it since we haven't been home for a whole week and most of this past week was spent in bed.  I am up and around more now and have noticed some big improvements.  I guess a week can do a lot for healing.

This morning I awoke to some light showers outside.  It was dark and peaceful... serene and relaxing. Everyone slept in except me.  I began to "unswell" in the middle of the night and was up several times in the bathroom.  Then around 7am, I was hungry and thought I would enjoy a quiet morning by myself.  I had some hot tea and a blueberry muffin, sat on the couch and soaked in the silence and the gentle pitter patter of the rain.

I began to think about the showers of blessings that have transpired over the past week.  Sometimes God's blessings come heavy like torrents of rain, but most of the time they come like the gentle showers.  Take for instance, our church family who has been bringing in food for us this week.  It sure is a blessing to have a church body who cares so much for it's members.  We are certainly appreciative that we don't have to cook a main meal all this week.  The simple act of a meal being supplied is a great blessing- especially considering the size of our family.
  Or what about all the things that we have need of that God simply supplies without our begging, pleading, or negotiating (at least in our minds).   God's blessings and provisions soothe us.  Gentle showers for the soul that refresh and renew our faith.  Cleansing rain for a parched spirit.

Thank you, God for all you have done for our family in this past week and for those you have used to be Your hands extended!

Blessings to you today, friend and may God shower you today with His love.

A special congratulations to our friends Debbie and Dion who FINALLY delivered baby (boy) Cannon this morning!    We rejoice with you that he is healthy and for a safe delivery.  You'll continue to be in our thoughts and prayers! 

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