Expectant Prayers ®

Jennifer Jo Weiss

Ahh, Those Sleepless Nights!

Sometimes I think that the constant need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night is God's way of preparing us for those midnight feedings!    It seems like I tossed and turned all night long...and of course, got up to use the bathroom.   I would awaken with sermon topics in my head, or prayer requests, or thoughts about the budget or fact that my husbands #1 off duty job would be greatly shortened starting next month!    There were also storms blowing through the area last night which didn't seem to help the sleep situation.

One helpful hint for those of you expecting out there... body pillow!  It's great and I wouldn't sleep without it.  It provides great support for the mother to be.  If you haven't tried one... you MUST!

Something I haven't experienced much of yet are those stabbing abdominal pains when you roll over in bed!  They are very common with me, but luckily I have managed to be 5+ months and not suffer with those.  That's a sure fire way to interrupt your sleep!  Ouch!    I also haven't had any leg cramping, but I am sure that is due to the increase in my magnesium supplement.  Leg cramps are one of those things that I desperately try to avoid at night.  But again, I have not suffered with those this time around.

The baby seems to be very active when I want to sleep!  He's very active at certain times of the day.  I like to watch the times of activity/rest to see if there is a pattern developing.  I have done that with all of the children and it seems to hold true that the pattern they have in the womb is basically what they come out like (at least for the first few weeks).  Of course, things change when they add an eating pattern to the mix!  I still can't believe I am over half way through and he'll be here before we know it.


Well, yesterday was another great, busy day.  We ended up finding out that Winston had a wound in his paw ( a laceration) which caused the licking, but it is healing up nicely and didn't need any further treatment.  He does have allergies, however, and needed a shot for that.  Titus went in while he got his shots and said that Winston didn't even act like he felt it.  Maybe that's because he's gotten so FAT?  The vet mentioned that he was up in his weight, which we knew already.  I think it's because I'm not taking him on daily walks like I was before I got pregnant.  I exercise here at home now.  Pete said he would have to try to take Winston with him when he walks in the morning!  I'm sure that would help.

The ball games were canceled last night due to rain, so we had a cookout instead.  We managed to get our steaks grilled before it started pouring down.  It was so good.  I am still craving meat and I sure ate a lot.  Yum!

If the rain holds off for a little longer this morning, I plan on getting some seeds into the ground.  The kids will probably help if I coax them into it.  I may not get to my main garden area today, but I do hope to get all the flower beds around the property planted.

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