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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Another Beautiful Day

Today's post comes to you live from Aunt Phyllis and Uncle John's house where the kids have spent a few hours playing baseball out in the back field and I have been visiting with Aunt Phyllis... until now.   I have been able to check my 200+ emails and now sit down and check in with all of you.

Yesterday was a quiet day because it was Moses' birthday.  We got him a nine inch round cake at the grocery store that had a Chiefs logo on it.  It was pretty cool.  We found the birthday presents he wanted... a catchers mask, chest guard, and shin guards.  All of the presents were purchased at a "Play it Again-type" sports store.  We got a good deal on everything.

We went to the woods and took a walk (with the 41 year old stroller) and to the cheese store in a nearby rural town where we got some sliced cheese.  The folk that run the store are not Amish, they are Mennonite.  Regardless, the older lady "cutting the cheese" (in slices, not gas) didn't seem to happy that we selected several different types.  My sister pointed out that perhaps her seemingly bad mood could have been due to a wrong assumption.  Because of the kids' names... maybe they thought we were a family who defected from the "community".  I don't know too many others that have named their kids things like "Ezekiel", "Shadrach", and "Leviticus"!     Because of their unfriendliness, I don't think I'll go back out there any time soon.    There are several stores that sell good cheese (my favorite food) besides that one - so I'll just pick another. 

That reminds me of a saying I've heard recently that seemed like good common sense:  "No one can make you feel inferior or guilty unless you allow them to!"    Not sure why that reminded me of that saying, but nonetheless it did.  A little gold nugget of thought for your day!

Last night, I had to do a first round of laundry and caught some of the Olympics.  What I like to see is the gymnastics and I think I've missed ALL of those events. 

We got to see more family today.  I got out to see Uncle Russ, which then turned into seeing cousins Dave and Sheila and their daughter Beth who was visiting with her kids.  That seems to be the story.  Go to one person's house and get invited to two or three more.  But, we are dwindling down our list of folks to see.  I plan on going to church on Sunday where several family members and friends go... we'll catch several in one place!

We have some crafts to do and Uncle John brought me some vanilla ice cream with peaches on it to eat... so I'm going to go and eat it now.

Here is a verse that stuck out to me today from Bible Study:

 "Don't be afraid, just believe."  Mark 5:36 

Prayer Request:  I was made aware of a little neighbor girl of my aunt's today who needs prayer.  She is suffering from leukemia and is only 2 years old.   If you think of her today, please join us.  Her name is Maggie.  She is currently undergoing chemo.  

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