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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Are You Flexible?

Exercise is something I enjoy and this month I am teaching my class of girls (Stars) on Wednesday nights about "Fitness".   It seemed like a good unit to work on, especially since the weather is nice...we can go outside and get active.  Personally, I'm just now making an asserted effort to get "working out" again since I had the baby.  Let me tell you... it isn't easy!!!!

The Word tells us , "Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body."  1 Corinthians 6:19-20 (NIV)

We need to take care of our bodies:  eat the right foods, get some exercise (at least walk or do something to stay active), drink enough water, and get proper rest.    God made our physical bodies and we are the temple of His Spirit.  He cares about our physical body.  Why is it then that our physical condition is one of the easiest things to neglect?  We push ourselves to the limit all the time with rest, what we eat, etc. 

I think I like exercise because it's a stress reliever for me.  I also feel better and more toned/fit when I am active.  I have noticed, however, that after having 6 kids, the 'ol body just doesn't want to snap back like it used to.  One of the worst areas for me is flexibility.  I've never been extremely flexible and it's something I have to work at.  Those muscles don't like to stretch and it can be painful.   Ouch!

This comes from the University of Georgia website (Exercise and Physical Fitness Page; FLEX APPEAL) :

As you age, your muscles tighten and range of motion in a joint can be minimized. This can put a halt to active lifestyles and even hinder day- to- day , normal motions. A regular stretching program can help lengthen your muscles and restore youthful activity.

  • To relax your mind and "tune up" your body
  • To preserve range of motion
  • To maintain flexibility
  • To prevent injury during exercise
  • To prepare the muscles for more vigorous activity
  • To help develop body awareness
  • To promote circulation

What a spiritual lesson today!

I was talking to a friend on the phone yesterday and this thought of "having to be more flexible" came up.  With what's been happening with my Mom, we've come to terms with the reality that things can change in a matter of minutes... be it a "condition", plans, direction, etc.  Even this weekend with sleepovers, camp outs, deadlines, graduations... you have to learn to flex with things as they come.

Just like our physical bodies that become less and less "flexible" as we age, "flexibility" is often difficult in other areas as we age.  We like where we "are"... we don't want to be stretched.   We don't want to have to "bend over backward" for anyone; we have a hard time bending views, positions, thoughts, schedules....

Perhaps the Lord has been speaking this same message to you today.  Learn to be flexible.  Not everything in life is going to work out like we think it should - especially when dealing with others.   This is true for Pastors with busy schedules and congregations to care for, Moms with children,  in the workplace,  even within ourselves.

Not everything is absolute, but some things are: God will never change, neither will His Word or His will... but everything else is fair game!   You either learn to roll with the punches or be rolled over!

Let's make it our prayer today to be more flexible. 

Lord, keep us flexible and help us to understand that when you stretch us, you are helping us stay spiritually fit!  It may be painful, but there are great benefits!

Blessings, friends and have a great weekend!

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