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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Aren't Kids Funny??

Don't you think kids do some of the cutest and funniest things you've ever seen?

Yesterday, Zeke, who hasn't felt very good the past few days, spent most of the day in his Spiderman night clothes coloring pictures on the living room rug.  He was working on race cars in his Hot Wheel's coloring book.  Walking past, I noticed that he went to such great detail to color the cars "just right".  They were the most multicolored cars you've ever seen.  Pink,  blue, green... whatever he thought was beautiful ended up on the page.    I decided to let him continue instead of doing preschool work since he wasn't feeling well.  I didn't think he'd stay there all morning, but he did.

In the afternoon, I went in the living room to feed the baby and he got up to ask me about snow.  Evidently, he prayed last week for snow and we got some, but he didn't feel like it was enough.    "It snowed", he said, "but not a lot.  I want lots."  

Right then and there, he clasped his hands together and with the sweetest angelic face you've seen on an ornery four year old he prayed, "Dear Jesus, please make it snow.  Make it snow all over the streets and on the trees.  Big snow.  I want lots.  Amen."    Celeste was also in the room and smiled and said, "Oh, he's so cute!"   I couldn't agree more.

He didn't immediately run to the window either.  He, knowing God has other prayers to answer, realized that his request may take a little time.  He was content to let his prayer simply waft to the ears of God and he would watch and wait.  So, during the evening news, he noticed that there is now snow in the forecast for this weekend.   He was so happy!  God MUST have heard his prayer and is sending the snow right away.  Of course, it takes a little time to get here... over the Rocky mountains and across the plains of Kansas... but it is coming.

Oh, if we could all trust God and talk to God with such childlike faith; to know that He is answering prayer even when it doesn't immediately fall out of the sky like snow flakes!   I'll have to remember that.

And then there's Levi.  We have been learning the Lord's Prayer.  This morning we got to the part about "Give us this day our daily bread", which turned into "Give us this day our Haley's bread."  It got stuck in his mind and now he can't get it out.   That's what he thought he heard when I dictated it to him!  I'll have to be sure to tell Haley's mom at church that Levi has included her in his prayer- or at least her bread !  That's too funny.

I also wanted to include today Shad's 12 week picture.  I intended on including it last week, but with the holiday, I didn't get on the computer much.  Since he'll be 13 weeks tomorrow, I thought I'd better put it in today's...  It's a little fuzzy, but we had to get a shot of him in his #12 outfit.  He's almost too big for it.  And yes, he started using a pacifier a little bit now.  More Shad pictures tomorrow!

And finally today, a big congratulations to Titus who passed his Red Cross Level 5 Swimming Class last night.  We're very proud of you!  Way to go!

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