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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Around Town in the Ol' Nightgown

Okay, so technically it was my capri pajamas, but nonetheless.... bright and early yesterday morning, my father had me out in the van for a tour of my hometown. I awoke early and he had the great idea to take me out before anyone got up.  That was fine - but I didn't even have time to put on clothes????  No... we left right then!   For those of you who live here, I am just thankful I didn't run into any of you. 

Now that we are getting rested up from the trip, today's goal is to start making some plans and going and visiting as many people as possible.   Today's plans include a possible "bucket of chicken" and going on a pic nic.

Yesterday's highlights included:

-Pete talking to a local cop

-Letting the kids play for a few hours on baseball field down at the park

-(Me) breaking the handle on Grandma's  four cup measuring cup while cooking dinner (I hate breaking things when I'm at someone else's house)

-Giving baby an Oreo cookie and then having to bath him in the sink (Grandma loved that)

-Finding the tent and related parts in the basement so we can take it home

-Using Dad's computer.  It takes me an hour to do the things that normally take me about 15 minutes total.  Most of the time I can't even get onto the site that I want to visit or look for things on.  This works for him because he doesn't use his computer too much, but it drives me nuts!  I guess I am too spoiled with the high speed (even though it wasn't too long ago that we had nothing BUT dial up)! I may have to find a high speed connection somewhere around town!


I missed mentioning the big highlight from Monday's adventures - Zeke used the bathroom and then broke the handle off the toilet when trying to flush.  Pete and Dad fixed it. 

I tried to encourage Grandpa by telling him, "Well this week you won't be able to sit around and complain that you don't have anything to do!" 

That's my update for today.  We are having fun and there's more to come!  I have oen final verse to share with you today (again from our Bible Study last night).

"Humility and the fear of the LORD bring wealth and honor and life."

Proverbs 22:4

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