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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Back to the Simple Life

Being a new Mom again has sure reminded me of God's blessings.   I had forgotten over the past 4 years how much quiet time you have while up nursing at night or during the day.   All that quiet time and bonding time with baby has strengthened my time with the Lord as well.  I cherish every moment!    I find myself (yet again) in a position to pray frequently during the day and I catch myself just thanking God at odd times while I'm up and around.  That's a great place to be at.  Sure, you all probably think I'm just in euphoria or still on my medications....but the real truth is it's great to be back to "me". 

It seems like all life as we had known it up until last Wednesday has ceased and we are back again to a more "simple" time.  It's a time for family, a time for thanking God, a time for celebration, and a time of contemplation.    I really relish these days and how we go from multi-tasking to being focused on raising the family.   Back to the simplicity of it all.  I feel truly blessed.

Have a great day and remember to take time to stop and appreciate the simple things!

Please pray for friends Jean G. and Verna H. who both had knees replaced recently!  We are praying for a quick recovery for both of them. 

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