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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Back to the Woods with Friends

How often do you get a chance to get out of the house and spend some quality time with friends???  Around here, it's not very often, so I seem to cherish the times I actually do get to spend with friends- especially when those friends have kids, too.  Trying to coordinate everyone's schedules seems impossible most of the time, but this week I was successful!

On Tuesday, the kids and I spent the day with my friend Debbie and her four children.  We went out to the Burr Oak Woods and Nature Conservation.  After enjoying some of the new interactive displays inside, we took a paved trail hike outside.  There were two points of interest worth mentioning.  First of all, we saw a flock (or is it a goggle) of turkeys.  They were five in all.  They were ahead of us and walked on the trail in a line for a short distance before making a path toward the feeders at the conservation!  The photograph below shows three of them on the trail before the other two came out of the woods (from the left) and joined them.  They were so much fun to watch.

Secondly, we stopped at a wonderful overlook that is located about half way through the trail.  We looked down into a "tree tops" view and saw... snakes sunning themselves on the branches below!  This was highly interesting to the nine kids, until I mentioned that if we can see the snakes on the leaves below us, there must be snakes on the tree branches above us, too.  LOOK OUT BELOW!

There are actually two snakes in the view of this shot, but I'm not sure you can clearly see the second one.  Look at the center of the photograph.   You can see the snake's squiggly "S" shape on the branch.  Oh, and sorry Grandma W, if you are viewing this.  I know you hate snakes! 

After the trip to the nature center, it was back to my house for a cookout and more fun.  We really enjoyed our day and hope to get together with them soon.  I don't get to see Debbie very often, but we really have a good time when we have the opportunity.  Her husband works with mine, we share a birthday (but not the same year... she is OLDER than me), we both have a houseful of kids, we home school, and we're both expecting babies around the same time! 

So, here's to our special times with friends.  Now call one up and go do something!

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