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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Big Belly at 30 Weeks

My sister, Sharon, is dying to see some belly shots!  So, rather than post old pictures, I had Celeste take some shots this morning before we had to go run errands.  This is as live as you're gonna get.  I will post some more this week (that is if I can remember to have Celeste take some photos).   As a side note, Celeste is my budding photographer.  She likes taking pictures as much as I do and she does a very nice job!  Not too shabby for a 10 yr. old.  There is one true belly shot... so don't be shocked.


Yes, I am even brave enough to show my bare belly after 8 pregnancies!    You'd better appreciate that, sis!  After all this is the first pregnancy where we haven't lived near to one another.  Now you'll feel like you're not missing out.
What's funny is that you can see my tan arms, but oh, is that belly white! 

Have a great weekend!

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