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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Camp Out and Other News

It's been pretty quiet around the house for the past couple of days as the older two boys have been on a camp out.  They left on Thursday and won't be home until some time on Sunday.  I was a little anxious when they left on Thursday because there were storms expected overnight and I didn't relish the idea of my sons outside in the the thunder, lightning, hail, rain, and strong winds in TENTS.  They were kind enough to call last night to let me know that they were having fun and that they made it through the storm.  Moses got some splinters in his feet yesterday while heading down the dock.  They had to be removed by a couple of the commanders.  They said he was a tough kid!  He told me that it hurt when they were getting the splinters out.  One was around a half inch long and was pretty deep.

The little boys and my daughter almost don't know what to do with themselves with the others gone.  It is an adjustment.  I notice that I make way too much food with them not here!   I can't keep feeding scraps to the dog.  He is getting way too FAT!  In fact, at his last checkup, the vet told us that he needed to lose weight.  He even had to have the bigger, more expensive heart worm pills because of his weight.

Today I have plans to weed the garden with the children, finish some laundry, and perhaps work on a few small projects.  I haven't been feeling very well lately and that makes it difficult to get motivated.   I still exercise and that sort of thing, but any extra activities (beyond my norm) don't seem to interest me. 

So, I'll head outside now and get to work before it gets too hot out.  I think I may spend some time in the pool today.  That ought to be good exercise.

Have a wonderful weekend and we'll see you next week!

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