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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Day 5 of Babymoon!

Recap of Day 4:  What a fun day yesterday!  After things were settled at home and I got a few morning chores done, we dropped off the rabbit cage at the local school.  Our friend was more than happy to see it... and the best part is that the bunny will arrive today!  How's that for timing?

In the afternoon, we decided to go to Kansas to see Grandma.  She was in a good mood and anxious to see us.  When we got there, she didn't want to waste any time leaving the Plaza where she stays.  "Get me out of this cubby hole!", she said.  As we walked out her door, we smelled the faint smell of what the rest of the residents were eating for lunch...sauerkraut and sausage!  Um, I think she was happy to be eating elsewhere!  She wanted to eat at Pizza Hut, so we did.  She ate and ate.  I was beginning to wonder if she had a secret wooden leg or something where she was storing all of that food.  Our time was relaxing; we weren't in a rush.   Afterward, we took a long ride around her quaint little town and of course, past her old house.  She always likes to see what the new occupants are doing with her yard, trees, etc.  I think she was pleased to see the beautiful flowers in the front flower beds full bloom and radiant with color...and the yard was nicely manicured.  That always makes her feel better.  She also likes the trees on her street; how they canopy over the road and they were really full looking yesterday.  That made her pleased as pudding!
Radio Shack was our next stop to pick up some 312 Hearing Aids!  She had some in her room, but they were EverReady and she wanted a better battery!   Well, you can't argue with her, so we just did what she requested.
Then the van headed toward the local Train Depot/Museum.  We had a great time there (because the little boys love trains so much).  Grandma loved seeing everything, but we ended up getting a chair to push her around in so she didn't have to wear herself out walking.  The bottom level has a huge train set and little buttons all around the outside of the exhibit to make some of the miniatures come to life.  Zeke and Levi loved the swing and Ferris wheel movables.    Part of the landscape includes a tiny replica of Grandma's town.  That's always fun to look at.
She remembers when that train station was in operation and told us stories of taking the train to Oklahoma.  I guess you've seen/done a lot when you're almost 100!  It's hard to imagine how the world can change in that amount of time!
We took the elevator up to the top level and looked at the room exhibits.  They have a living room, kitchen, old general store, old dental office, and my favorite... the old school room.  That's where the kids wanted to go because hanging outside the room is a big rope that pulls a bell (an original from the town) to signal that school is in session.  Levi went to town with the rope.  It reminded me of the boys who pulled the church bells years ago.  He was really getting it swinging and his feet were coming off the ground.  What a sight! 
Grandma used to be a teacher (of music) and we sat and talked about school for several minutes in the room.    Not too far from the school room was a piano and we wheeled Grandma up to it.  Away she went for quite a while.  We just let her ditter because she doesn't get to play the piano much anymore.   She played some familiar tunes... mostly the melodies.   You can tell she's always got music in her head... much like the rest of us.  It was nice to see her let some of it out!
While there, we also watched some old reel to reel clips of 1937-1938 local footage and saw the huge (but oh, so cool) doll house.  The little boys really enjoyed everything.

On the way back to the Plaza, we stopped by the local pool to let the kids see all the fun stuff they have there.  I think Grandma just likes watching the young kids play out in the sun!  She wanted Dibs on the way home (we do that every visit) and went back to her house to eat them... well everyone but me, because I can't have them right now.    Four hours of fun... and we were headed back to KC.

On the drive, we stopped and got some water and other drinks at McD's and picked up some fries for the little boys.

For our evening, we got some Subs and headed out to the lake for a picnic.  That was great.  We found a nest with baby birds in it on the way to the tables.  They were chirping and that's what drew our attention to them.  After eating, the boys wanted to walk down to the edge of the water.  The boats were out in droves yesterday as well as the jet ski's.  They enjoyed that.  We were surprised when we got to the water that there were two mallards swimming by (a male and female).  They came up to us and wanted us to feed them, so Pete went to the van and brought back a bag of chips (from our dinner) and we sat there on the bank and fed them quite awhile.   It was quite a fun evening.

Back home, Pete took the boys and Winston for a 1/2 hour walk and I worked out on the Gazelle.  By then it was time for baths and bed.  We all agreed that yesterday felt like a vacation day!

Today:  We plan on going down to KC's famous Crown Center and eating lunch at the little boy's favorite restaurant (Grandpa Gadfield should know what that is!)  We plan on window shopping and enjoying a few hours down there.  We may come home and swim... but then... the big kids arrive home from camp late this afternoon!  
Zeke can hardly wait to see his  "Cessie"!   I can't wait to hear all of their stories.  It's been a very fun week for all of us.  Pete has two more days at home and then it's back to the grindstone.

Until tomorrow!  Blessings friends!

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