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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Dental Hyginks

Six of us had dental appointments earlier this week and I am happy to report that we all had great checkups.  I am so grateful that we have a wonderful dentist and that my kids have never been afraid to have an exam.  They actually look forward to it... well at least to the prize and new toothbrush that Dr. Mary Jane gives them following their visit!

BTW- Dr. Mary Jane is offering discounted whitening services during the month of November.  Nearly all of the proceeds are  going to the Tony Gonzalez Foundation.   You do not need to be a patient of hers in order to take advantage of the whitening services.  She is located near 350 Hwy.  If you live in the Kansas City area and are interested in making an appointment, contact me at and I will give you more information.   For further information about the charity Dr. MJ is raising money for, visit:

Finally today, my Dad sent me a link to this clip from the old Carol Burnett show.  It's funny and I thought it was appropriate to go along with today's thoughts.


Thanks for stopping by and we'll see you later, friends!

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