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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Dream Big Dreams

I went to church on Sunday hoping and expecting to hear from the Lord.  I had some specific prayers this past week that dealt with where my family and I are headed.    There are some certain projects in particular that I needed confirmation giving insight on what to do.  What the speaker said really hit home because it is what the Lord has shown me so many times in the past.... I just needed a little reminder!  In fact, I am sure I have written these same words in the past.  

Perhaps this is for you today if you have been waiting on the Lord.  This is what the speaker said and I hope it challenges you too:

"Dare to dream big dreams; dreams so big that only God can fulfill them."

Friends, when God tells you to do something or urges you onto a task or goal - don't get hung up on what you can see with your physical eyes.  We are too often bound and limited by our own resources.  Maybe this time you are going to have to really let go and let GOD!   You serve the God who specializes in miracles.   

Perhaps you've been climbing that mountain way too long and you're tired.  It's been a long journey and you're considering throwing in the towel.  Don't give up!  You are so close to the summit!

Remember the song,

Don't give up on the brink of a miracle
Don't give in, God is still on the throne
Don't give up on the brink of a miracle
Don't give up, remember you're not alone

 Verse 1:
When Satan would have you look
At the trials of life that surround you
And he tries to appear, and bring doubt and fear
All around you
Don't look with the eye, or listen with your ear,
Just cry out to God, He is always near
In your darkest hour, your miracle is here!

Verse 2:
The devil is a thief, and he sends those troubles
To confound you
And he lies and says "This time,
There's no way you can find to make it thru"
Remember God's true Word, the battle is the Lord's
Don't give in to fear, think on things that are pure
Praise the Lord, your miracle is here!

What is He challenging you to do today?

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