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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Energizing, Ever Ready, and Dependable

There is a verse running through my head today: 

"...greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world."
1 John 4:4

How often do we substitute our own power and abilities in the place of God's omnipotence?    By taking on that "attitude" we stunt our vision/dreams for the future (by limiting what is possible through our human perspective) and become self-dependent rather than God-dependent.  

The verse doesn't read "greater are you than anything you'll face".  The key is:  God's ability and power.  He is the source of all things.  His is energizing, ever ready, and always dependable!!!!   We are just the vessel.  It is only by His divine power and authority that all things are under our feet.

Think of this:  anything requiring batteries doesn't have  "power" unless the batteries are purchased, applied, and then the product is activated.  The "item" needs an outside source to come in and infuse it with enduing energy.   

We are the same way.  Divinely, God's "power" is available to us through the purchasing of our salvation at the cross, applied to our lives when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, and enacted when we move forward in His will with believing faith. 

This same concept carries over into the situations we face.   We have the situation. He's already provided the answer to the need (even if we can't see it)- it's been purchased.  We receive by asking according to His will.  Through faith we must apply His power to our situation.  Then we activate it by moving forward and allowing God's provision to flow.

So, if you've caught yourself limiting what is possible and by saying:

-"I can't do that because I don't have the time...."

-"I couldn't afford that...."

-"I don't have the energy to do that..."

"I can't give _______, because I don't have enough myself...."

"I can't seem to get out of this situation...."

-"I don't have the resources for _________..."

"I don't know how to help....."

"I just don't know WHAT to do!"

Perhaps your "battery" needs a recharge!  Go back to the source and prayerfully consider today's message:  Greater is HE.  If He asks you to do anything according to His will, He will make a way!

Our deepest condolences go out to the Hundley family at the passing of Sister Hundley yesterday following a long illness.  I found her to be the epitome of what a Pastor's wife should be like and spent many hours over the years in Ladies Prayer Meetings, over which she officiated.  Her dedication and sheer character made her a living testimony to the God she served.  She was "a dandy" as Pastor Hundley would say!  In our sadness, our hearts also rejoice that she is now in heaven with her Lord and Savior and is no longer suffering.  We are comforted by the fact that we will see her again someday!

As you may recall, this same family lost their daughter (a Pastor's wife in South Carolina) just a few months ago.  She is survived by her husband, a son, a son-in-law, and several grandchildren- all of which need our prayers.  We pray that God will be ever present and comforting in their time of grief.  We also pray for the peace that passes understanding to guard their hearts and minds in Christ Jesus!

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