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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Excuse ME! Hilarious but True Story

I'm sure you've seen the emails that talk about what older people do in Wal Mart for fun - specifically older men who are bored while their wives shop.  I remember as a kid, we would go to the mall and occasionally my Dad (who liked to sit down and watch the people) would come up with the funniest of tales based upon what he observed.   This past week, it was our turn to see first hand how ornery old men can be.

Pete and I were down at our local drug store picking up a few items (allergy medicine and odds and ends) with a few our little boys.  It was somewhat crowded, but we mingled our way down to the office supply aisle looking for sticky notes.   An older woman was down by the pens- her back turned to us. Her cart was barely far enough out of the way for us to pass.  We needed to get down to to the other end of the aisle, so we said, "Excuse us".  She moved her cart slightly toward her (out of our way) and smiled pleasantly.  By this time, she was on her tippy toes reaching for something high on the shelf.   We made our way toward the sticky notes when all of the sudden we heard a loud sound - like a huge flatulent bellow.  We chuckled to ourselves.  I wasn't sure if it was someone with me or not- you never know...and no one said "Excuse me! (which my kids usually do).  Pete looked down the aisle toward the woman where he saw her husband sneaking around the corner.  Because we all know older people can't really whisper we heard him say to his wife, "That big fella (meaning my husband) turned around and thought YOU did it."  She turned around looking toward her husband looking puzzled.  He said, "I made a noise (probably with his mouth to sound like the you-know-what) and backed up and he thought YOU did it."  Then he giggled.   As you can imagine, his wife didn't look one bit amused - but we could hardly contain our laughter.

That man really was a stinker.

Hardy- har- har!

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