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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Fantastic Friday...for now...

I've been busy all morning...or so it seems... with my doctor appointment.  I had to have the glucose screen today, which meant I had to drink the lovely (but not so delicious) orange glucose drink.  The nurse forgot to give it to me during my last visit, so I went an hour early to pick it up and drink it.  You're supposed to drink it an hour before your blood is drawn.  While there, I ran into a friend and talked a half hour away before I ran back home for a few minutes.  Then it was back to the office for my visit and blood work.  The visit was over an hour!  While there, I ran into someone else I recognized and enjoyed my conversation with her.  It seems like I've run into people everywhere I've gone today!  It's just one of those days.  With me, I'm always up for conversation, so it's been an enjoyable day.

Yesterday was as gorgeous as the weather forecast said it would be.  Zeke was pleased as punch to be able to swim for the first time this season!  I think all the kids spent the majority of the day outside... clear up until dinner.    Most of that time was spent in the pool on our new floatie.

Titus and Zeke enjoying the pool.

It was so pretty out, we had lunch out on the picnic table, enjoyed watching the mommy and daddy robin feed their babies, and I even took some pictures! 





Above, I took several pictures of flowers around the yard.  You can also see our
picnic table and the baby birds who are nesting on the spouting off our screened in porch!  It's a little fuzzy because the nest photo was taken through the screen, but you can see their little beaks!

Overnight, however, the storms rolled in with a vengeance.  Right now, it's warm and sunny out, the ingredient which may bring more severe storms our way this afternoon and evening.  I'll have to watch the weather channel later to keep up to date!  We'll get out and enjoy the rays as much as we can over the next few hours!  I'm getting ready to take the kids to lunch... and I'm starving.  It's all about the food right now.  I can't seem to ever feel full.  Isn't there a commercial like that?  LOL     On the downside, I definitely LOOK full.    Next week, I'll try to post some belly shots.  That ought to be fun.

Have a blessed day and we'll see you later!

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