Expectant Prayers ®

Jennifer Jo Weiss

Floating Around the Pool

After doing our Monday yard work today, I spent the remainder of the afternoon floating around in the pool with the kids.  I wasn't "floating around" due to my large belly... I actually got a floating lounge chair for my birthday!  If you're read past journal entries, you've probably seen Titus and Zeke on it. Today was the first day for me to try it out.  To my surprise, it was actually able to hold me up.   The water was a tolerable 75 degrees today under mostly sunny skies.

There's something about swimming that makes me reminisce.  My family had a pool when I was a kid.  It was a nice size and as soon as my Dad would have it ready right after Memorial Day, I would practically live in it during the summer.  Our house didn't have central air, either.  We had three window units; one for the kitchen and one for each of the two bedrooms.  I was thinking about "back when" as I lay on my chair looking up into the sky... thinking about how the same sun warmed us with it's I still enjoyed watching the clouds and seeing what they looked like (and sharing my thoughts with the kids)...remembering why the summer never seemed that hot when you spent a lot of time swimming.   I guess some things never change. 

Now it's my daughter who seems to live in the pool, turn as brown as a berry (yes, we do use a lot of sun block- but she still works up a great tan), and becomes part fish in the summer.   On to the next generation...

There's something that makes the world seem right when you pass on traits to your kids; a love for swimming or gardening, an appreciation for God's creation and nature,  a strong work ethic, belief system, or morals,  or enjoying the simplicity of a lazy afternoon spent floating around the pool!

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