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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Friday Food for Thought

Last night while watching the evening news, I was alerted to the fact that President Bush is in Vietnam as we speak.  Perhaps that is one of the reasons why I felt an alert to pray on Monday for Vietnam and the Vietnamese people.  Veteran's Day also spoke to me, as some politicians view the war in Iraq as a Vietnam repeat.  I do not believe this to be the case.  You can read a lot about the subject online and form your own opinion!  I'm not going to tell you what to think, but please... do THINK!    That same day (Monday the 13th) I also found out that 3 Americans were convicted in Vietnam on charges of trying to take over radio airwaves and calling for an uprising against the communist government.  It was also reported on Monday that Intel invested a billion dollars on a plant there.  It seems like the spotlight is on Vietnam, so if you get a chance today, utter a prayer for the unfolding situations in Vietnam. 

Often in our country (I think because we are blessed with so many freedoms) we tend to view the world through our "rose colored glasses" as if everyone else lives the same lifestyle globally.  We've been so hyped on entertainment that I fear we don't really absorb the reality of what is going on around the world...sometimes in our own countries (eg. New Orleans).  We view it and disconnect from it like every other program we watch.  It's the same for many who are viewing the Iraq war.  If our families aren't involved then it doesn't affect us... Oh, YES it does!!!!

No matter what our social, governmental, or environmental planes of existence are today, we are a people in need of the Lord.  Our spiritual standings are what matter most.   Don't think this doesn't apply to you.  The Lord gave us the great commission to "Go ye therefore into ALL the world preaching the gospel."    A lot of times, God will use us to pray for people... even if our feet never touch foreign soil.  We also may be financial supporters of foreign missions.  There are many ways to touch the world. 

What is God placing in your heart today?  I'm sure you are digesting something from this food for thought.  Are you a modern day Paul who had a vision of a man calling to him from a far away place?   Are you willing to take your ministry (in whatever capacity that is) to the uttermost parts of the world?     Do we even venture to share Christ with our own families and neighbors?  Think about it!  Why not make this holiday season one to share Christ with as many people as possible!  When we lived in Nashville, we had a lot of neighbors that we interacted with.  I would bake cookies for all of them and put them in decorative boxes.  If they were a new family in the neighborhood (many Mexican families lived there and couldn't speak English) I would get them small Spanish New Testaments and give those to them along with the cookies.   I would also attach a nice card that told the real meaning of Christmas with a nice note inside.  We lived in that house for 4 years and every year my neighbors looked forward to their Christmas boxes.  If I didn't get them out, neighbors would call and ask jokingly "Are you baking cookies this year????"   What can you do to show the people around you that you love them?   Do something from the heart!

Blessings friends!    Remember to pray today for our President and the Vietnamese government and  people.

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