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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Garage Sale Heaven

Do you like to garage sale?  My husband  likes nothing better than to drive around town looking for all the sales going on...especially on a nice day like today.  Never mind that he worked all night and needs to get to bed... he's out there right now looking for...whatever!  

Garage sale shopping is one instance where living in a big city is a huge well as thrift stores.  There are usually tons of sales going on during any given day of the week.  It's just up to you to decide when you want to shop. 

And, BTW- do you call it a garage sale or a yard sale?  Around here, it's a garage sale, but I think it depends a lot on where you live in the country and the mere fact... are the items for sale in the yard or in the garage?????

So what does he look for?  Usually, his favorite items to find are used musical instruments.  Before we had kids, it was all about guitars (as he is as guitarist).  Now, however, he picks up all kinds of things.  Titus got his trumpet from Grandma and Grandpa Weiss, but Celeste got her violin from a garage sale.  He's picked up several guitars, percussion instruments, recorders in various keys, and the list goes on and on.  I'm still waiting for a harp... but I may have to wait until heaven to get one of those.  You don't normally find them at garage sales!

I will say that we have found many other items for our home at garage sales.  A lot of our furniture is used - purchased at garage sales (and that's a good thing with a house full of small children) and whenever Pete runs by something related to roosters (which I collect) he'll buy it for me.  He's pretty good about locating things that we are specifically looking for, too.  Hey, you can't beat the money you save, especially if what you are looking for is hard to find,  no longer manufactured, or simply great quality for hardly any $$.

Today ought to be a good day because it's rained so much, people were probably delaying their sales due to weather.  So, good luck shopping, honey!  Hope you're having fun.

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