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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Get Serious!

When it comes to picking names for children, I take it very seriously.  If you have read my book, you would also remember that I have an entry included  that deals with looking into the meaning behind what we name our children.  This is no iron clad guarantee that they are going to live up to what we have called them, but we should approach the subject prayerfully and with a clear understanding that our children are going to have to live with what we have chosen for them all of their lives (unless they decide to change their names).

I must admit that every time we've had a baby, someone has decided to make fun of their Biblical names.    People even protest, saying, "Certainly not!  You really not going to name him/her that, are you???"   When it happened with our first son, it was a family member.  That one really bugged me.  This particular person (a Christian, mind you) arrogantly joked about calling Titus the first three letters of his name as a nickname.  I thought that was totally rude and uncalled for!    Not funny whatsoever.  Yeah, and don't forget there's an entire book of the Bible named Titus.   Of course, we call him "Ty" as a nickname and have other nicknames for all the other kids, none of which are odd or cause for ridicule.   No one thinks twice about their names.   This baby won't be any different.  Pete picked out his name, which he loves.   I don't think I've leaked on my journal what his name is yet, but I'm sure we're in for comments!  

Obviously I can empathize with the plight of parents who choose to call their children unique names, but after this weekend's news about a New Zealand couple's decision,  I think I've heard it all!!!!!!
So, what do YOU think about the couple who wants to name their son "4 Real"?????
Yeah, me too.   It reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where George announces that he would like to name his first child (which is only in his mind at that point) "Seven".    True life IS stranger than fiction. 
A judge has blocked the couple from proceeding with the name, but who knows if they will be able to go through with their plans.  I have heard that in France, people have to choose from a government-approved list of names.  Other countries have similar laws...many even have names that you cannot use  (like Adolf in Germany) because of the negative connotations associated with that particular name.  Here in the US, picking a name for our kids is part of free speech.   We've heard people name their children after fruits, vegetables, cities, countries, flowers, cars... you name it... people have tried it....but come on folks, get serious!  What could possibly be next? 

Another "GET SERIOUS"  has to do with medical professionals who are seeking to diagnose excessive video game playing in children as a disorder.  An addiction, actually.   Go to MSNBC to check it out!  Come, on people... have we lost all function in our cerebral cortex?   In my opinion, I think this is a parental problem and not a childhood disorder!  Why are these kids able to spend hours and hours on the games without supervision?   Too many parents rely on such games (as well as TV) to distract and babysit their children instead of having to do it themselves.    I feel the same way about parents who constantly feed their kids junk food and then want to turn around and sue the fast food chains because of childhood obesity.    DUH!   Parents should be encouraging their kids to get involved in physical and creative/imaginative activities rather than feel the need to supply them with gadgets all the time.    When are we going to learn that our decisions have consequences, especially parental decisions that effect the lives and well being of our children?     Come on.  Get serious!  

It it just me today friends, or are there some serious concerns about our future generations????

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