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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Going Here, Going There

Let's see, did I remember to take my prenatal this morning?  I've got to make a trip to the store, post office, and pharmacy for more Band-aids before lunch.  Speaking of Band-aids, I'd better change Zeke's dressing on his stitches!  When can I fit in an hour on the elliptical... oh, and the garden probably will need  watered since the weather forecast has changed again.  I wonder if Celeste needs help with her Stars work?  Better get Moses off the PlayStation.  "No, Levi, no more Popsicles today... you've already had 4!"   "Titus, can you help bring up the laundry and fold it?"   I'd better return those two phone calls today ASAP or it'll be another week before I get to it.    I need to schedule a follow up visit for Zeke, but first I've gotta just sit down here for a minute... so out of breath....

Whew... ever have days like that?   It seems like the past two weeks have been nothing but going here and going there... getting this project finished and another one started.   I've just had to take a break from my daily entries... because I just needed one.  I don't feel quite right when I don't get to write something to my friends during the day, but there are just times when it can't be helped.  I figure that with 12-14 weeks to go with my pregnancy, there will be a lot more days to come when I won't be blogging.  You'll just have to bear with me and check in when you can.   I'll do the same.

We do have some news in the Big Weiss Family.  There have been quite a few events happen in the past week or so. 

First of all,  the kids had their yearly checkups and shots when needed.  That's a big feat, but most of the time we are able to schedule the older boys and the younger boys with back to back appointments.  Still, that's 3 appointments, 2 of which last quite a long time.  We love our pediatrician, though.  He's quite a character.  The exams are always fun- especially trying to get the kids to pee in the little cup.  Nice.  One of the kids (who will remain anonymous) went before leaving the house and didn't have anything to put in the little cup- so filled it with water instead!  I'm sure the lab techs got a laugh out of that one.   Good times.

The week of Mother's Day, several of the kids came down with the flu (a 24-48 hour version).  In fact, Celeste was just sick this Monday and Tuesday with hers.  I thought she would be the one who would luck out, but not so... it just took her longer to get sick.   I have been run down trying to stay up at night with sick children, plus fight the bug myself.  Yeah, there's nothing like having morning sickness and having to clean up after kids with the flu.   But, I will say, that's what being a Mother is all about.  There is a simple pleasure in tending to a sick child, believe it or not.  If you're a Mom, you know what I mean.

When most schools are getting out of school, we are getting ready to start up again.  We're also planning for summer camps and outings.  We've already been to the KC Zoo with our Family Pass, something we'll do over and over again this summer. 

We finally got our pool up and running, which the kids tried out on Monday.  The water temp was a little cool, but they got in anyway.  They can't wait to get in for the first time... ice cold or not.   The rest of this week has been rainy, so they haven't been able to swim the rest of this week. 
We also managed to get all of our planting finished around the house and the yard looks great.  Titus has been mowing this year and I pay him $5 a mow.  Our kids don't receive allowance, so it's a way for him to earn some money, which most pre-teens are very interested in.   Celeste and Moses are now begging for things to do for money, and I'm sure we'll find some things around here that they can do.  Mind you, they do their normal chores without pay.  That includes keeping their rooms clean, helping with the laundry, helping with the dishes, helping with cooking, helping with the trash, yard work, and feeding the pets.  Most of the time, I don't have to nag them about their chores, either.  It's just part of being a family and doing your part.  Besides, I think some parents have gone overboard with rewarding kids when they haven't really done anything to deserve it.  That creates kids with an expectation of being given something every time they do something (and even when they've done nothing at all!) Sorry... life just ain't that way!   I believe in rearing a strong work ethic in children and nurturing responsibility.  Kids need to learn the satisfaction that comes from simply doing a job well whether or not they are rewarded or given kudos (verbal or otherwise) for it!     Oops... am I on a soap box or what???   We do need to appreciate the things our children do and the effort they put forth, I just think that it's good to weigh our motives and intentions as well as the outcome of reward systems in our families.  OK- I'll get off of that topic now.

Since this is getting long today, I'll be sure to give more updates this week on what's been going on in our house.  Interesting stuff, to be sure!

For now- have a blessed day, friend, and thanks for stopping by!

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