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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Grandma Turns 98!

With such busy schedules, it's been hard to get down to see Grandma as often as we would like.  We've been going about once a month, but this time it seems like it was about six weeks between visits.  Each time we go, however, we realize that it could be the last time we see her this side of heaven- so we try to make each visit special.  We made it down on Monday afternoon to celebrate her 98th birthday- which was actually the middle of last week.    I don't think SHE can even believe that she's made it to 98!  It's a bitter-sweet experience.  Only two more years and she'd reach one hundred, but she doesn't think she'll make it; I don't think she even cares to make it to one hundred since she has felt so poorly.

The past six months have been especially difficult for her.  Her heath keeps deteriorating quickly and she seems to have suffered several mini strokes.  She had fallen on Monday before we arrived and hit her head; also bruising an arm- but thankfully nothing was broken.

It's getting more difficult for her to talk (mainly due to her breathing issues) and most of her communication is pointing, gesturing, and nodding her head.  She'll smile at things we share with her, but you can tell that she is not physically comfortable most of the time.  She used her breathing machine several times.  She loves Pizza Hut, so we went and picked some up for her and we ate outside her retirement plaza on the veranda.  There are several benches and tables out there as well as a huge field where the kids can play while we visited.

She wanted to hold Shadrach and he sat on her lap for a long time.  Here is a quick shot I got of the two of them...

Before long, he laid back on her and it looked like the both of them were going to fall asleep, but they didn't.  

When it was time to leave, she lingered with each one of us individually and seemed to study our faces for a long time- almost as if she was saying "goodbye".   It's hard to see her like that and realize that her days are definitely numbered. 

Amid the somberness,  I am just always thankful and joyful that God has continued to take care of her throughout her life and will continue to be with her forever.  What a life she has led that has spanned almost 100 years.  Many things have changed during her lifetime, but there is one thing that has never changed; God.  She still reads her devotionals and Bible every day!  Sometime I will have to tell you more about her life and the amazing things she has endured, but that will be for another visit.

Have a blessed day and remember to pray for the elderly!  Maybe you even know someone who could benefit from a phone call, card, or kind letter!    God has a special heart for widows, orphans, and the elderly- so should we!   What can you do today to minister to those in need?

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