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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Hijacking "Religion"

Last night as I was folding a load of laundry, I was able to catch the final few minutes of one of my favorite shows, "Glenn Beck".  One of his points for the evening dealt with the recent activities of a so-called Christian who was charged with murdering an abortion doctor all in the name of "God".  When he finished his dialog about the subject, he concluded with the thought that it is our responsibility to stand up against those who would try to "hijack our religions" and make it appear that we ALL believe or support certain acts, when in fact we do not.  GB said he encourages people of all faiths to contact him to defend their religions if someone has done something erroneous and contrary to their religion- be it the act of Muslim terrorists or what have you... or in this case an extremist "Christian".  By the way, Beck is known to be a conservative Christian and he admittedly sees everything through those glasses.  No wonder I like the guy so much!  The same goes for me, which I'm sure you know if you are reading my blogs.

Again, today, I will remind us all of the importance of knowing what we believe and why.  I cannot warn you enough that most of the time, those attempting to hijack our "religion" (and I use that word loosely because what we believe in is actually a personal relationship  with the Lord) are not as overtly obvious as the example used above.  No, sadly the devil is more subtle and sly.  He wants there to be enough truth wrapped into the deception that it's like the hook in the apple.   As the extremists pose a great danger to any faith, the subtle seduction of deception in the church is just as (if not more so) dangerous.   Too many people are falling for beliefs/doctrines that are simply what their itching ears want to hear.  Our consciousnesses are being seared.  The world has crept into the church, bringing along with it all the fleshly thoughts, motives, and desires to fuel the "Christian" movement.  The church is becoming weak and lazy, being lulled to sleep due to inactivity, complacency, and sin.   Many "believers"  want to be entertained, prosper in materialism, act like the world, fulfill a purpose (whether we in Christ or not), build their kingdom up here on earth (rather than looking for a greater treasure or reward in heaven)  and to be KNOWN AS GREAT just like little "gods"- doing greater things than Jesus Himself!  And why aren't more pastors and church members doing anything about it?  Are we being led down the primrose path by ministers who listen their own selves or to doctrines of demons rather than the unadulterated Word of God and His Spirit?  I would say to you in this hour... yes.  In many cases this is true.

This past summer, I went to see a "Christian" movie where the premise seemed more politically motivated than anything else.   I came away from the movie wondering what the REAL intention was in making it.  Of course, it featured a Pastor that shortly afterward had a major publicized "fall".  That sure helped our Christian cause didn't it???  There was plenty of truth to the movie and it did seem awfully exciting on the surface, yet there was a dark undercurrent of beliefs that I don't go for.
    Then this morning, I received an e-mail from a friend that talked about a new book called "Conversations with God" where kids are encouraged to "speak" (prophetically I guess) about a variety of situations - where they play God.   It's just creepy.  BTW- I'll be checking more into this today.   And I feel like this new movement of so called "believers" are as Glen Beck would say, "Hijacking my religion".  This is not what real Christianity is about... and why are we so accepting of things just because it's labeled as Christian.   Buyer beware!

I see a lot of dangerous things going on in the church and very few people are standing as watchmen on the wall- warning the body of Christ of danger.  People are getting off into all kinds of strange teachings, following after this "prophetic apostle" and that "new paradigm".  What ever happened to seeking the Word and seeking after God for yourself (He said His sheep know His voice) rather than looking for the next new thing or person to follow into a new dimension.  Scoffers, doubters, and false apostles line our pews.

In the next few days, I plan on discussing some of my most pet peeve topics concerning this 'hijacking", including apostates, scoffers, and false doctrines.  I hope you will prayerfully consider what I share with you and ask the Lord to lead us all into truth during these last days.

May the Lord keep you from all evil today and lead you beside the still waters!  May His will be accomplished in our individual lives as well as in our churches.

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