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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Home and Resting; Prayers Continue...

Mom was released from the hospital late yesterday afternoon and made the trip home.  Sharon said it was not an easy trip and Mom is still very weak, but they got her into her own bed where she can rest now and recover.    She is on antibiotics for the C Diff and will be for around 7 more days.  In the meantime, Sharon and Dad feel a bit of relief having her home and as Sharon says, "We'll probably be sleeping for two to three days!"    

I am still asking for prayer that the C Diff spores will be completely removed from the house, not only by human cleaning efforts, but by God's supernatural efforts. 

We are also planning the transition of my sister's going home and my trip out.  There will be a few days where Mom and Dad will be alone at the house, but I think they may need those few days of quiet.  I thank you all for praying and I am trusting in God to keep us all safe from infection - especially Dad and Sharon who have had the most close contact with Mom.   Things are looking up all the way around.

I want to share with you the verse that has been on my heart today:

"Then they will see THE SON OF MAN COMING IN A CLOUD with power and great glory.

 "But when these things begin to take place, straighten up and lift up your heads, because your redemption
is drawing near." 

Luke 21:27-28 (NAS)

I know I've written about this before, but some of you may not have heard about it since it was posted in my archives.  It went along with my post yesterday because we are waving a "banner" in this situation.

Back when we were living in Nashville in 1996, I was praying one day as we were facing a trying situation.    I told the Lord, I have faith, but sometimes it would be nice if He could be a little more direct.   Why couldn't He speak to me out of a burning bush or give us some writing in the sky?  I went outside on the porch as I said this and looked up into the bright blue sky of the day... only to have my breath taken away with what I saw!  I grabbed my camera in time to take this shot!

1996- Writing in the Sky

It meant so much to me because not only was it "writing in the sky", but also because I had been doing a study on the names of Jesus and found that it is Jehovah Nissi who goes before us into every battle.  He is our banner.  We are counted along with Him!  With Him we have the victory!

Of course, God had it ordered that the little smoking plane would write in the sky directly over my house!  I believe it was for ME!  It was actually spelling out the word "Nissan" for the Nissan plant down in Nashville.  But, even "Nissan" is Biblical.  Nissan is the first month in the Jewish calendar... coinciding with our Gregorian calendar in the months of March-April (when this writing in the sky happened).  Nissan is significant in Biblical festivals because, do you know what happens in Nissan?  The passover!  Anyway you look at it, it points us to God!  His blood allows us to be "passed over" by many of the things that would only lead to our destruction when we are in Him.  Even death has no victory because He has already conquered it by the work on the cross.

Our hearts and prayers go out today to

-  the family, friends, and other loved ones who were effected by the death of Dottie Rambo.  Her music touched our lives and she has left a lasting impression on our spirits!

- those effected by the numerous tornadoes in southern Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma

- the victims of the fires ablaze in Florida

- the people of China following the devastating earthquake

- the people of Burma/Myanmar  following the horrific cyclone

Even though the Word warns us that these things will happen, it's never easy to see any form of suffering overtaking the innocent.   Please join us in prayer today and remember to look up, for our only redemption, hope, and salvation comes from HIM. 


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