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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Hospital Update 10:30 EST

Sharon called and said that Mom had some bleeding again last night.  It was not discovered until this morning.  They got at the hospital and they were cleaning her up.  The amount didn't appear to be that much at first.

The surgeon (Dr. S) had already been by to see her and they had decided that tomorrow they were going to scope down from the mouth into the stomach to see if there was an ulcer.  The reason for that was that the initial results of tests two weeks ago showed blood in the stool.  That is why the first colonoscopy was performed where Dr. T found 6 polyps and removed them.... now a major player in the "bleeding out"  issue.   Hind sight is 20/20.  We are now questioning whether or not they should have done this "routine colonoscopy"  in the first place.  It seems to have caused more trouble than it was worth.   I thought all along that she possibly had an ulcer because of the nature of the blood in the stool as well as the fact that she is constantly on heavy meds.  She had the flu and was still taking her medicines- because it's been drilled into her that she must take her meds for her heart!
If the blood was due to an ulcer rather than polyps... well you can just imagine what we must be thinking and feeling!

About 15 minutes later after the initial call, Mom started bleeding heavily again.  The had to rush Dr.S back into the ICU and she is currently undergoing another colonoscopy.  They could not wait.  It had to be done immediately.  Of course, Mom felt the procedure yesterday because the had to reverse her meds really fast in order to save her life.

We are asking for prayer.  My cousin, Lisa, made a good point that this is just like the devil trying to steal away what God is doing.  One minute we are given a good report... the next she's taken a turn toward the worse.     We are sick and tired of the enemy.  We are declaring Him powerless and want his hands OFF Mom.   He comes to steal, Kill, and destroy... we need God to flood her body with life, vitality, and energy once again!

Thanks to all the family who are praying. 

Here's what we are praying:

-Wisdom and skill for the doctors involved - find the source and get it taken care of for GOOD

- Sharon - as she is taking care of Mom, dealing with the doctors for Dad, and taking care of Dad

- For God to keep Mom out of pain... this has been a big issue!  She's been through too much!

- For God's comfort and peace to touch the family and for us to witness the miraculous power of God
 as He touches Mom

Thank you for praying and I will update more when I can.  

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