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Jennifer Jo Weiss

I've Gotta Testify: God Showed Me How Easy It Can Be

"So do not be ashamed to testify about our Lord.."
 2 Timothy 1:8a (NIV)

Earlier this week, I was sitting in the dentist's office while one of my little boys was having some work done.  I decided to take a book along with me this time instead of "working" on other stuff, so as soon as we were in the treatment room I picked up the book and started reading.    A friend of ours actually lent it to my husband- "The Way of the Master" by Ray Comfort.

If you haven't read it yet, I recommend that you do.  I think it's very informative, especially in terms of sharing the gospel.  I also found that it would be useful for new Christians in discipleship (following up their walk with the Lord with some good solid teaching).

I had thumbed through it the week that Pete got it, so I was somewhat familiar with the points.  As I began reading I found a lot of confirmation for things the Lord had shown me.  Several aspects in the book were things I have written about myself!  I could really relate to the author and his point of view.  One thing I wish would have been expounded on more was the work of the Holy Spirit in regard to his message, but overall I think it's excellent!

Several points in the book deal with God's law (one of my favorite topics) and how we go about sharing our faith with others.   Comfort says that we should start with the "law", asking poignant questions to those we come in contact with that makes them look into the mirror of the law and examine themselves.  He asked questions like:  Have you ever lied?  Have you ever cheated?  He made them personal toward those he spoke with and would remind them that in the light of what they just said, even if they thought they were a "good person", they were sinners.  The wages of sin is death. Against the law, man realizes that he is a sinner in need of a Savior.  He also spends a great deal of time examining what Jesus did in life situations that  we may also find ourselves in as Christians. 
As a side note, one of the best thoughts in the book is the reminder that Christians often are persecuted for their faith. Somewhere it said that "life on this earth is one big trial".   It details the deaths of some of the biggest Biblical followers of Christ, which you rarely hear about in our western world.  God never promised us a care free, perfect, painless life... but He did promise to be with us through everything and give us eternal life.  That's so different from messages we receive from some of America's most popular preachers!

About ten minutes before the appointment was over, I finished the book, bowed me head,  and sat in the corner of the room and prayed.  I thought about the fact that my husband was in law enforcement.  I've always recognized the connection between the law of the land and Biblical law.   Back in Biblical days, the priests were the law enforcers! 
As I sat there and prayed, "Lord, seal in my heart every nugget from this book that I should retain..."  I realized that it's been very easy for me (as a police officer's wife) to discuss the "law" with strangers.  It comes up all the time.  In fact, I've used it as a launching point to discuss Biblical things with people.  My prayer continued as, "Lord, I know the aspect of this book (using the law) is not a difficult one for me, but please show me how easy it can be without using Pete's job as a reference point. I want to know that anybody can talk about the law."   As I finished my prayer... it was time to check out.

I went up to the front desk to pay and schedule some appointments for 2 more of my kids when (as usual) I struck up a friendly conversation with three gals at the desk.   I had already forgotten about my prayer and we were neck deep into talking about other things.   We had only been talking for three or four minutes when we began to schedule the appointments.  ""Anytime will work for us", I told the assistant.  "Oh, yeah" she said looking up at me, "your kids are home schooled".  The other woman turned around and asked, "How does that work?" 
"How does what work?"  I replied.  I always have to ask for people to be more specific because you never know what they are really asking with such a general question.
She answered, "Does your home school schedule work like the public schools?  Do your kids get out when they do?"
I told her we were already finished for our year and explained in quick detail about our year, syllabus, lessons, etc.

That's when the scheduling gal looked up and said to me, "What about the LAW, how does it (Home Schooling)  work with the LAW?"

At that moment, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  The word "LAW" was there as plain as day and I didn't even have to bring it up myself.  In under 5 minutes, the Lord had answered my prayer and shown me how fast the law could come up.  I felt the quickening of the Holy Spirit in that instant!

I was able to answer the assistant's questions and then I got in a few very weighty statements in the next few minutes!

When I got to our van, I was so amazed at what happened that I praised the Lord all the way home!

During the course of my day, this same scenario unfolded again and again.  Wherever I went, the issue of the LAW kept coming up without me doing anything except talking to people.  Amazing!

God showed me that day how easy sharing Him with others can be without any "works" of our own.  He opens the door for us and all we have to do it walk through it!

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