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Jennifer Jo Weiss


Junior Bible Quiz

How many of you out there are busy, busy, busy this time of year?   It seems like from the time October hits around here until the beginning of the new year, we are just swamped with activities. 

One of my favorite activities for the children is Junior Bible Quiz.  They have a meet the first Saturday of the month at a large church in our area.  My kids enjoy it and are doing very well.   We didn't get the older two involved until two years ago when our third (Moses) started in Pee-Wee league.  They have learned so much about the Word of God and have memorized a lot of Scripture.  I am very proud of them and their accomplishements.   

We usually spend about 45 minutes practicing JBQ before bed.  I find it to be a terrific way to unwind and connect with the kids before sending them off to sleep.  What a way to rest their minds for bed, wrapped in a blanket of Scripture!    

Whatever time we invest in teaching the children the Word of God is worth it.  Paul talks about "making deposits" into our lives concerning the things of the Lord.  Consider if your child was a bank account and every day you were investing/depositing "money" into that account.  Even if that amount was "little" in your mind, over time it accumulates into a larger sum.   When tragedies or challenges to our faith come, there are sufficient funds to cover a "withdraw".  I know a lot of kids who have to try to face life spiritually bankrupt.  Not only do they not have what they need spiritually, but they also do not have anything extra to invest into the lives of others.

So this is a simple reminder today... invest in a child; whether it be your own or someone else's.  This is a great time of year for giving!  God's math will multiply what we have given and make it into something very significant for His Kingdom.  You can take that advice to the bank!!!   

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