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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Is it the Best Day Ever? That Depends....

"This is the day that the Lord has made.  I will rejoice and be glad in it!"  Psalm 118:24

How many of you out there can honestly say this is the best day of your life?  

My kids make me laugh because for one reason or another they all decide that "today" (and this happens very frequently) is the best day ever.  Today WAS one of those days.

Today was highly anticipated as we were expecting a shipment of Legos from the Lego store in Connecticut.  The toys were bought with money gifted for Christmas.  You would have thought it was Christmas as the air was filled with expectation.  Today is also pizza day (we have Pizza almost every Friday night- usually homemade) AND we made 2 more delicious tea rings, which we ate one of in the afternoon with tea.    

In a house full of boys, Legos are always on the brain.   I can't believe the stuff that my oldest son can build- without any instructions!  Grandma W. says that cousin Bret got his start in engineering that way followed by the Erector Sets.   I guess there is a lot of educational advantages to Legos.  Here are the two little boys with their Lego constructions and a snap of other items that arrived:

And in other news... this hasn't been the best day ever for some of you!   Moses had to go out and help Grandma find some contents of her wallet that were lost in the Petco parking lot.  (Grandma will be blessed to have made the news I'm sure !)  The best we can figure is that it dropped out of her purse last night when they were finished shopping. It was recovered/turned in this morning to the store.  The miracle is that none of the credit cards were taken- nor were the 2 tithe checks and another check removed.   I don't think anyone who had evil intent could have stolen anything from a woman with tithe checks in their wallet... but I might be wrong....
We thought her cash was gone, but then it was spotted underneath one of the cars and it was ALL there.  Yup!  I do believe that's God.  The downside is that she can't find the plastic insert which contained family photos as well as her drivers license and social security card.  But, if the rest was found, my thought is that hopefully no one got those items either!   AND the wallet will have to be replaced as it looks like a steam roller ran over it!   Sorry about that Grandma, but God was sure looking out for you.  And Moses had fun on the treasure hunt- BTW thanks for treating him to the beverage!

Secondly, we are still battling sickness.  I am not in the best of shape today, but I'm holding steady.  Our littlest is down again with fever and threw up this morning.   He's tired this evening and will probably go to bed early.  My stomach feels like I've been riding the TimberWolf at Worlds of Fun!  EWWW!

Extended family (my sister's husband's family) down in southern Missouri are still without power 7 days following the storm!  I saw pictures today from their property... it's unreal.  I haven't heard from my friends in Oklahoma or Texas since the storm.  Hope your families are doing well.  Texas is getting hit again and I think more heading toward the Tulsa area this weekend.  Fasten up your suspenders down there and hold on!  We're praying for you all!

And... as we prayed for Jeff's oncologist visit today, there was only bad news.  The cancer has spread and he is going to have to have surgery to remove part of his liver and some lymph nodes.   The prognosis is not good, but as Christians we are never without hope.  We are trusting God for you, Jeff and will keep holding you up in our intense prayers as well as your family. 

So, remember folks, ONE DAY AT A TIME!  And as my dad said today... "The kids are right... each day is a new day and no one knows what tomorrow will hold."   I am praying for YOU to have a terrific day in the Lord... if not today, then tomorrow.  Blessings!

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