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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Jehovah Jireh and The Little Blue Car

Have you ever had a need in your life that the Lord made provision for?  The Word calls Him Jehovah Jireh (Our Provider)!  When God gives you something, it usually defies human explanation; He works in a way that only HE can.  Such as today's story from the Big Weiss Family:

Our van, which had been giving us trouble for several months, was sold last weekend.  The buyer had full disclosure on the "problems" and still gave us a good amount for it.  That is truly an answer to prayer!!    Let me tell you... we are glad to be rid of it!

We have been debating on getting rid of our van for some time.  The answer was very clear to us that the time was now.  But NOW what do we do???   It poses an interesting problem for our family of seven.   If we all want to ride together in a "family vehicle", which is the goal, then we have to have something that will accommodate all of us.  We have been wanting to get a bigger van for our family.  With growing kids, a mini-van is just not spacious enough when you are at capacity.  Large families have unique problems! Even the mini for "8" (like my sister's) adds a seat, but not space. The kids are packed in there like a row of crackers.   Plus, if the kids want to bring a friend home from church... well, you might as well forget it unless we can swap out kid for kid.   So, the long of the short is, we are seriously looking to an 11 or 15 passenger van.   We are waiting on God's direction and provision.   We do have a truck and a motorcycle, in case you thought we just got rid of the only vehicle we owned!!  That's not the case.  And now... well, read on....

In the meantime, we needed additional transportation for Pete.  We can handle driving two separate vehicles for awhile or as long as the Lord will have us to.  We've really been doing that for about two months now anyway.  The kids and I can fit in our extended cab truck (the inside is almost as big as the van was!)  Though I don't relish the idea of driving it in the snow, it will do the job if need be this winter.  Pete usually takes his Honda GoldWing motorcycle to work in good weather, but it is fixin' to turn outside.  The air is full of chill and even though his place of business is close, he can't possibly ride it in the ice and snow.   So....God has provided us with a little blue car.  Jehovah Jireh!  This car was purchased by our youngest son, Zeke for $1.  I'm talking about a real car here!!!    It is a Ford Aspire and was bought from a friend of Pete's who works at a large church in the area.  This friend had no use for it anymore... in fact it had been sitting in the church parking lot for a long time.  So, on Monday we went and towed home the little car with our truck.  That's another story!

The car is currently in our garage and we have been working on it this week.  Yesterday we worked at getting the little blue car cleaned up on the inside and making a list of some of the minor cosmetic details we would like to add.  Pete bought a new battery, oil, and oil filter, etc. to get it running again.  He will work on it tomorrow night and on Saturday. 

So, we are thanking the Lord today for providing for us yet again.  Who buys a car for a dollar??? It may not be how we pictured it, but nonetheless, our needs are being met!  We are very grateful.  Plus, now we feel like we have a few more options than what we had before.  That's always nice!

***Pictures will follow when my server is up and running again.  They have changed some things around and we are still unable to upload pictures!***

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