Expectant Prayers ®

Jennifer Jo Weiss


 I want to thank all of you out there who have been praying for Pete and our family following his stabbing early on Monday.   Please continue to pray for him this morning.  We are awaiting word from the doctor during AM rounds to see whether or not Pete can come home to recover.  I hope he can because it's hard for him to sleep in the hospital bed and he needs his rest right now.   You can imagine a 6'3" man trying to sleep in a bed that's about a foot too short!  
He's experiencing pain, but it isn't overbearing.   God has been very merciful to him!   The nurse was able to administer some Ibuprofen last night, which probably helped him overall.  He'll be glad to get the IV's out and come home.

I'll update when I can today.

  Today is also our daughter's birthday!    Her party is in a few days, which she is anxiously awaiting.  She loves being with friends.  


It's also our Pastor's wife's birthday... Birthday Blessings to you, Karen!

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