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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Late Night Report - 10:20pm EST

Mom is now resting and actually got some sleep earlier today, too, for which we are all grateful.   Dad and Sharon are home, hopefully resting, too, though I noticed her comment on the previous blog... and I thank her for clearing that up... BUT SIS... eat something and GO TO BED!!!!!   (You know I mean that in love!)

Sharon wanted all to know a correction in my previous post.  The first clamp did not come "off", but was having bleeding around it.  The second clamp was to further reinforce what they had done and hopefully this time will stop the bleeding for good.   We cross our fingers and PRAY!    There is some concern that when they start her blood thinner again tonight (actually they probably already have) that the bleeding will once again start.  If that is the case, she will need emergency surgery.    We have apprehension because Mom bled last night and Sharon was NOT called - of course, Mom told them not to.  This time is a different story.  Bleeding=surgery, which means they need to be there and informed quickly.   I  talked to them before they left the hospital so I hope they got things straightened out with the nurses, etc.

Furthermore, we are trusting that He who began a good work will be faithful to complete it.

Also, for those who are e-mailing, there was some misunderstanding about my folks being near the Toledo area.  I simply was making the reference that contaminated Heparin had been detected in Ohio (in general).  They are many, many hours away!  I know that I can be confusing sometimes!   I even confuse myself once in awhile.  There is so much info coming in that I'm bound to make mistakes once in awhile, but bear with me!  
We appreciate all your prayers and know that many of you would like to be there physically with Sharon and Dad (me included) and just hug, comfort, and support them - but it's not always possible.  Thank the Lord that there is no distance in the Spirit!   Prayer brings us all together.

I hope you understand that time prevents us from personally responding to each of you, but please know we are eternally grateful for the prayer support and love all of our blogger friends, community friends, prayer chains, Pastors, ALL of you!!!  God bless you ten fold!!!!  I hope these frequent blogs have kept you abreast of what is happening and informed.  We feel you all deserve to know because you are standing in the gap for us!    Your reaching out has meant so much to our family!

Blessings and love....until tomorrow morning.....

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