Expectant Prayers ®

Jennifer Jo Weiss

May Blessings Flow

May is here!   Just as April showers bring May flowers, my prayer for each of you is that God will spring up beautiful results and answers for all your prayers last month.  Many of you are waiting to see God's hand move in your life and I believe in the spirit that May will be a tremendous start.

For me, May is always a wonderful anticipation.  Most of you know that I was born on Mother's Day (didn't have to look too far for part of my calling, eh?).   I am excited about what the Lord is going to do in my own life.  From the time I was born again, filled with the spirit, and called into the ministry at age 11, I heard the voice of the Lord speak plainly that This year... my ** year would be when things were going to take off like a rocket for me.  Now that the time has come, there is a little nervousness and hesitation.  I don't know why that is.. I am excited...yet perhaps filled with a little doubt as well????  Let me share with you what God told me this morning.  I found it very interesting! 

When I think of the word "may", I tend to think about the definition that means "to give permission".   Example:  You may have a cookie.   Sometimes I think of it almost like the word "amen", which means "so be it" along with "permission".  It's declarative, authoritative, and catalytic.    I envision it in my spirit as the huge vessel being christened and moving forward into the sea.

Blessings have a lot to do with us!  Our part is being the open willing vessel, but it is God who will supply the blessing.  Think of it like you are the faucet (which God can flow through), but He is the one who regulates and supplies the flow.   On the other hand, God will not force open a shut faucet.  We must be willing to be used as a vessel of His blessings.

Years ago, a book hit the shelves that became popular among Christians that dealt with a specific man from the Bible asking for a blessing from God.  At the end of that passage it says, "And God granted his request."  The biggest thing that came forth from that book was not a formula which we were to follow to receive God's blessing, but rather a realization that we are allowed to ask for the blessings of God to be upon us; and those blessings can be specific.

God wants to bless His people and He is not stingy about it.  God's people should be among the most vibrant, creative, talented, successful people in world because everything God does is a success!   That doesn't mean we won't have trial or failure at times, but overall, we should continually see the blessings of God in our lives and fruit coming from being alive in Him.

When we are His children, blessings follow.  Upon accepting Christ in our hearts, the blessings of the Lord are upon us. To mention a few, we are sanctified, we are reconciled with God, we have peace, our names become written in the Lamb's book of life, we are justified, we become heirs of God and joint heirs with Jesus, we become a new creature, and we gain eternal life.   I could go on, but the blessings of God are thousands upon thousands!   The Beatitudes found in Matthew are a great place to start and see God's blessings.   There were Old Testament blessings from parents to their children... even Jesus put His hands on the children and blessed them.  

We need to realize how important it is to be continually in the presence of the Lord, walking with Him, seeking His will, AND desiring His blessings.  "Blessed is the man that trusts in Him"  Psalm 34:8
"For blessed are they that keep My ways"  Proverbs 8:32   "Jesus said, 'If ye know these things, blessed are ye if ye do them.'" John 13:17   "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ."  Ephesians 1:3

So today, the beginning of this month of May, I want you to begin asking God to bless whatever it is that you feel needs blessed in your life.  Begin with Heavenly Father,   May your blessings be upon _________.  Declare it.  Be specific.   Maybe it's your finances, your family, your school endeavors, a new business you are starting, the choices you are to make this year... whatever it is, bring it before the throne today.  Ask and believe.  Have faith and receive from the Lord today!

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