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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Midnight Mexican Fiesta

I hope you had a great Memorial Day!   I'll tell you what we did in a minute... you'll be thinking this pregnant woman has lost her mind and has gone a little loco...

First, have you seen the YouTube movie on "Remember Me" by Lizzie Palmer?  I was sent numerous forwards  by friends and watched it every time!  If you haven't been forwarded a link to it, you can go to YouTube and check it out or Google a link .  Our Pastor was so impressed by it that he showed it in Sunday morning service!  It's a great reminder of the sacrifice that has been given by others for our lives and freedom.  The Word says "Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends."  Of course, Jesus is the prime example of that statement!

In thinking of the men and woman who serve at home and abroad, I cannot forget our police officers that keep the law and order (or at least try to) in our communities.  I think of it in similar terms as home missions vs. foreign missions.  Both are important and require dedication and self sacrifice.  And oddly enough, many police officers come from military backgrounds.  Of course, I have a personal interest in police officers, since my husband IS one. 

So what did we do this Memorial Day?  We decided to host a dinner for the midnight crew (which my husband  works on)!   It was Pete's short night, so he was there to help out... and luckily we live only minutes from the station!  That's a big factor in making our dinner even possible for our officers. Now you're probably thinking I'm a little off my rocker...or maybe two tacos shy of a combination platter!  I started cooking at 10:45 pm and we served officers 2 at a time from 11:30pm until 2:30 am!  We had such a blast and great fellowship, feasting on tacos, burritos, salsa and chips, home made guacamole, and all the trimmings.  For dessert, we served up brownies with ice cream and chocolate syrup, topped with whipped cream and little Memorial Day toothpick flags.  It's just a little way of saying "Thank You" to our police family for all they do every day out of the year- their service never ends, though they may never set foot on foreign soil.

We can never say thank you enough to those who serve... in whatever capacity that may be or to the families who stand behind them;
We can never remember too often those we have loved that have gone on before us.
We can never forget to tell those who are still with us that we love them and show them every day... not just Memorial Day or when there is a reason to realize how quickly they can be gone.


Also on another topic today, if you are like me you've had plenty of conversations over the Rosie/Elisabeth public display on "The View" several days ago.  My sister published a blog that's food for thought on the subject this morning including a statement stemming from an article she read sighting "There is no stronger hate than Christian love".  You can find her at
if you are interested in adding YOUR view.  I added mine! 

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