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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Nine Weeks Old and Growing

Shadrach has turned into Mr. Smiley over the past few weeks.  He started cooing and reaching toward things.  He's such a sweet little guy.  His routine at night couldn't be better.  He's now sleeping/feeding at larger intervals, which I am loving.  We all know how precious sleep can be to a new Mommy!

Did I mention how much he is growing?  This week I weighed him at 12.5 pounds on our baby scale!  Along with the weight is the height.  He was already a long baby when he was born, but when I took a look at him in his bassinet a few days ago, I couldn't believe that he's almost outgrown it.

By the way, an interesting fact about our bassinet... it was handed down in the family from my mother-in-law.  My husband used to sleep in the very same bassinet!  It's a very cute bassinet, too.  They sure don't make them like this anymore!  I wish they would!  I think the bassinets of today are too "over the top" (as with a lot of products they sucker new parents into these days) and that's not to mention the price!  Whew!  The new ones that I've recently seen are $150-$400. They make rocking bassinets, ones that make sound, ones that convert into several other things.  Good grief!

Me? I'll stick to my good old fashioned bassinet!

When I inherited it some almost 13 years ago, Patty (who is a seamstress) made the new cover and fitted sheets for the new mattress.  Now all six of our children have used it!    Perhaps it will get passed down again to the next generation????


One last picture ...

I also want to send wishes to two of my friends out there who celebrated birthdays this week...

Rhonda (Alabama) and Brett (RPD).

Happy Birthday and a blessed year for both of you! 

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