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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Numbering Our Days

"So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom."  Psalm 90:12

This morning,  I am pondering how quickly time passes.  Has anyone else noticed this or is it just ME?     I was starting to go through my kids clothes for the spring and realized how big they are all getting all of the sudden.   I can still remember putting Titus' little baby clothes on and now he is bigger than me!    I am getting announcements left and right in the mailbox from friends and family getting married or graduating high school - and I remember when they were born.    Time marches on!

My point here today is not to be a "downer", but rather to encourage all of us to do as the Word says:  Learn to number our days.  

Why is that a good idea?  Numbering our days helps us to apply significance to what we are doing in life. It brings accountability and a sense of responsibility.   Numbering our days usually walks hand in hand with vision or a goal.  Ask any kid right now how many days they have left in school and they will probably be able to tell you.  Why is that so important?  Because numbering is a means to an end.  We number many things: pay periods, vacation days, birthdays, and the list goes on.    When we know that there is a finite number of days that God has given us, we will tend to view them as precious and not squander or waste them.  When a person thinks that he/she has endless resources  - they tend to be a bit wasteful.  Tell a person that they only have so much of anything (food, days, etc) and the person will tend to consider how to utilize what he/she has.  We try to make the most of what we are given; organizing and planning how to reap the most we can! That's one of the reasons that I encourage new moms over and over to cherish those baby-baby months.  They fly by so quickly and babies change so rapidly.    It's when life gets comfortable and we don't see much rapid change that we tend to take life for granted.   Remember when you were first married, landed that first job, had your first baby....    ?  Life was an adventure and every day held new hope and possibilities. Many of us are guilty of getting older and slipping into the "routine" and "mundane". Routine and repetition is not all bad, but it also desensitizes us to the precious gift of today.  On the other hand, in our youth, we may not have been as wise with our days and experienced!

So here's your challenge today... do something that you don't normally do!  Mix up your routine and add some freshness to life.  Go an alternate way to work,  eat something different for lunch, start a new hobby - but most importantly - ask yourself what you have done toward eternity today.    What have you done to improve, solidify, or expand your Christian walk?  What have you done to shine your light?   Consider if you are numbering your days and how that applies to your life.  Is there a goal you would like to meet?  What kinds of things are you numbering?    We're all counting down the days to something, but does what we're counting really COUNT?

Remember, life here on earth is like a vanishing vapor - gone before you know it.  It's only the beginning of life yet to come and a flash of light compared to what awaits you in glory!

I'll leave you with those thoughts and this song.... blessings friends!

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