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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Old Fart Strikes Again!

I hope all the fathers out there had a wonder Father's Day!  We had a good one here...of course there are plenty of kids to give Daddy cards and love!   XXXOOO

We had lunch with my in-laws and I was relaying a story to my father-in-law which I thought would be fun to share with the rest of you.  He got a good kick out of it and you probably will, too.

Around town, we do not have "Elvis sightings", we have "Old Fart" sightings.  Let me explain.  The kids have discovered a man who we run into from time to time.  The first time we saw him, we were eating at Big Boy.  He walked in and sat down by our table.  I didn't notice him at first because my husband and I were engrossed in conversation, but the older kids started shaking with muffled laughter when the man got close to our table.  Then I saw them whisper to the little kids and I heard Zeke repeat, "Old Fart".    Nice, I thought.  What were my kids up to now?????
 I asked Titus what was going on.  I thought they were making a comment about the poor old man, but Titus said, "Wait until he gets up and look at his hat!"  LOL   I noticed the man was wearing a white hat, but his back was to me, so I waited.  When they called for his order to be picked up, he went to retrieve it and that's when I saw it.... "OLD FART" printed in bold navy blue letters across the front of the white hat.

Now, it's one thing to be an Old Fart... and another for someone to recognize your fine achievement and reward you with a special hat.   It's another to actually advertise that you are one!

Here is a hat like the one the man was wearing, except his was white with navy letters!

Of course I cracked up.  I felt sort of bad for laughing, but hey, if you wear the hat... you've gotta be prepared for the reaction of folks who read it, right???

Since our first "Old Fart" sighting, we have seen him around town from time to time.  The last time we saw him was on Thursday when we went to get some groceries at our neighborhood grocery store.  There he was in the aisle before us... and you can guess that I couldn't stop the little ones from exclaiming really loud, "Look Mommy, it's Old Fart!"    I sheepishly grinned and turned the cart around and headed the other way.

So beware.  They walk among us.  You never know when YOU may run into an Old Fart.  If you're reading this and you are one, please don't buy the hat! 

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