Expectant Prayers ®

Jennifer Jo Weiss

On the Way to Ohio

Pete and I are on the way to Ohio with three of our six kids.  Grandma Weiss is watching the oldest three. 

Sharon (my sister) called late last night.  She got to see Mom, but she is sedated and on a ventilator.   I have not heard anything about her condition this morning.  Doctors are just trying to keep her alive.  The Ohio family probably hasn't even had a chance to get to the hospital yet. 

They did not put the stunt in her head yesterday, but surgery is scheduled for this morning sometime.  My sister will call when they know more.  For now, I am posting what I know while I have a chance with the wi-fi connection at the hotel.  Who knows where we will land tonight!

Well, I must go so I can hit the road.   Thank you to all who are praying.  We appreciate it.

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