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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Paperwork Day

Today was paper-filing day in school for my oldest two children.  They have their grades sent into the college quarterly and we just ended a quarter a few days ago.  I don't always get their papers filed the same day as grades are sent in, as it can take me up to an hour to sort and file everything per student.  For those of you who have been curious about home schooling (or at least about what my family does), I send in  work to the college and sort out the rest for my records (as seen above).  We send in things like their  tests as well as reading samples for the college to evaluate, record, and archive. 
We archive all of our schoolwork in color coordinating folders; each child has his/her own color.  We are required by Missouri law to keep a portfolio of each student's work, as well as a detailed log of hours and subjects.  The log is a daily chore.   I keep all of the colored folders of archived work on each student's shelf and they are readily accessible.  When the school year is finished, we keep all of the work in huge storage bins.

Because we use the full program from A Beka, our materials are  put together by the college. We have detailed teacher keys, supervisor materials, syllabus, detailed/organized lessons and work texts/books that coordinate with lesson numbers.  We are issued grade cards (every 6 weeks for  K-4 and quarterly thereafter) and my students will even receive diplomas when they are finished. I think it's the best home schooling curriculum out there.  If you are considering homeschooling or know someone who is, check out their  website  at:

I can't vouch for all homeschooling students, because I know there are home educated parents and children that aren't doing ANYTHING  (and if that's you... SHAME ON YOU FOR GIVING THE REST OF US A BAD NAME)... but here at the BIG WEISS ACADEMY, my children are working hard and learning.  I am very proud of all of my children.

BTW- the picture above is my oldest son's work for this past quarter.  Just so you know, our table is a formal dining table with seating for 8.... and 2 leaves in the middle!    That's a lot of work!

I hope you are getting all of your work done today and that the Lord will bless the work of your hands!

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