Expectant Prayers ®

Jennifer Jo Weiss

Pole Raising

A few weeks ago, the city began installing new light poles on our street.  It's exciting because it will be a much needed improvement to our neighborhood.  We're looking forward to the added security and ambiance that additional light brings... and just in time for Daylight Savings Time when it gets dark so early.  Now with the new lights, the kids can play basketball in the evening as long as the weather permits. 

A few weeks ago, they came and installed the in-ground parts, which left our front yard looking like we had a major gopher problem!  The mounds of dirt were quite large.  They've smoothed out the areas since then, but now there's no grass.  


We were all amazed how quickly the light pole went up.  It took literally about 2 minutes!

  Titus barely had time to grab the camera and snap a photo of the crane that emerged from the truck.  He had to take the picture through the front window.  The workers came and steadied the pole into place, tightened the rivets, checked to see if it was straight, lowered the crane, and then they were gone!

Titus took this one shortly after.  We think it modernizes our older neighborhood a bit.

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