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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Prayer Updates

Nephew - is learning to cope with his Juvenile Diabetes and still on antibiotics from his bacterial infection.  We received pictures from my sister from the hospital and then ones she took at home.  I thought he looked extremely skinny and sickly.  He told me himself that he is feeling okay, but I know that he has a tough road ahead.   He starts back to school on Monday.  My sister and her husband had to meet with the school - which turned out to more in depth than they expected (paperwork, plan of responsibilities, etc).   They are still trying to absorb a great deal of educational materials and are trying to get him all the supplies that he needs.  Thankfully, God has been meeting their financial needs!  That is a true answer to prayer.   God is a faithful provider!    I also praise God that I know this family puts their complete trust and hope in the Lord.  That has made all the difference.

Weiss Kids - My children seem to be improving from our last round of respiratory illness.  Shad, who actually had pneumonia, has been getting back to his normal ornery self and Zeke seemed to be feeling better too.  He's still not completely well, but I can say he's much better than he was!

Pastor in California - It is reported on FRC that the pastor from California has been sentenced to 30 days in jail for violating the 8 foot "buffer" zone between pro-life protestors and abortion clinics.   He was given the opportunity for three years probation, but chose the time.    We need to keep praying for him.

Incidentally, I got a message from Catholic organization that has been seeking to run a pro-life commercial on television.  They have been running into brick walls every which way they turn.  No one seems to want to air their commercial - despite the fact that they have the money to back their efforts.  Is freedom of speech really a freedom any more?   I guess it is for those who want to remain within the ever shifting confines of political correctness!   We'll talk more about this topic at another time.


March is going to be a great time of transition and changes for our family.  I ask that you would keep us in your prayers.  We look forward to what is coming with expectancy and anticipation, but we also are learning to let go of what we have become so comfortable and familiar with.  The Lord is stretching our faith and trust.  We pray for a harvest of righteousness to pour forth as a result.

Blessings!  Have a great weekend!

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