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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Procedure Being Performed - 11:30am EST

Mom is having the procedure done as we speak.  Sharon felt better after talking with the doctor... oh, and his name... Dr. Shidrach.  She and Dad laughed when they heard his name because it was so close to Shadrach.  I think God knows exactly where we are today.
Anyway, Dr. S told them that Dr. T - when performing the colonoscopy a week ago - ran into some difficulty in closing up and cauterizing the larger polyp area.  The polyps are growths that are "fed" by something, such as a capillary.  The guess is that it broke open and is the source of the bleeding.  We are praying that it is and that Dr. Shidrach will be able to fix it.  He told Sharon he knows several ways to get it stopped and that he's been doing this for 25 years.
The second issue was that they made Mom take citrate this morning in anticipation of the colonoscopy, which is more than likely the cause of her heavy bleeding.  It's function is to "clean you out".  Dr. S said that is why she was bleeding so much right then.

That's all I can report for now.  I will update when I hear about the procedure results. 

Thanks again for praying. 

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